Romeo Beckham Made How Much For His Burberry Modelling Campaign...?

Romeo Beckham Burberry Campaign

Have you heard how much money mini model Romeo Beckham made for his starring role in the recent Burberry Christmas campaign? Apparently he took home a cool £45,000. And that's just for one day's work. It actually pains me to write that. I mean really? For the love of Pete, isn't it just a tiny bit preposterous to pay a child that much cash for wearing some posh togs and twirling about?

The Mirror reports:

"The 12-year-old was paid the equivalent of £93.75 a minute for an eight-hour day for the time he spent on set, The Mail on Sunday reports, which puts him among the world's highest-earning models."

Now I don't know about you but not even a pay check like that could persuade me to let my kids try their hands at careers as child models. Well, ok, maybe I'd need a little bit of time to think about it. But since my youngest was a few weeks old people have repeatedly told me that she could "make a fortune" as a baby model, and while I'm inclined to agree that she is pretty darned gorgeous, I'm not about to try and profit from that.

So, if your child could bank the cash to put towards their own home or education one day, would you let your child venture into a career as a child model? And if they could command a fee like Beckham Junior's wads of cash, would you feel you'd hit the jackpot, or worry that they might lose all perspective on reality?

What's your view?

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  • xsarah91x
    I don't have an issue with children modelling so long as they're grounded and learnt the true value of money. I have looked into modelling for my 17 month old daughter and many agencies wanted her on their books but the travel was to much for us. So long as the child isn't pressured into it and genuinely enjoys doing it, then what's the harm? The money they earn should be put into a savings account and be given to them for a car or university or a house deposit. Whatever They wish to spend it on as they earnt it!

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