Five Top Tips & Hacks For Pokémon Go

Five Top Tips & Hacks For Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go is the game everyone is playing. What's not to love? It's a trip down memory lane if you're 25-35, helps to burn calories and is FREE to download.

The bad thing about the popularity of this game is the smug faces of those that are the Lords of the Battle Gyms or those that have Jigglypuff and Pikachu in their Pokédex. Worry not my nerdy Pokemon loving friends, we have all the tricks to get you ahead of the game!

Tip No.1: Get Pikachu!

When I started playing Pokémon, I longed for a Pikachu, little did I know that little yellow fella can be the first Pokémon you can catch.

Here's how... Sign up to Pokémon Go. Once you're in, Professor Willow will let you start with one of three special Pokémon: Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle.

When asked which one of the three Pokémon you want, don't do anything but walk away from the area, like actually move your feet and keep walking.

You must keep the app open, and then return. The GPS is tracking you and you may have to repeat this two or three times. Pikachu will soon appear, catch him and bragging rights you will have. You'll be the envy of everyone.

Still can't catch him? Bag yourself a T-Shirt* with Pikachu on instead!

Tip No.2: Selecting The Type Of Pokémon You Want To Evolve Your Eevee Into

You have an Eevee and plenty of candy too. Bursting with excitement, you hit the evolve button, but wait, it doesn't have to be this way. There are three different types of Pokémon your Eevee can evolve into: electricity, fire or water.

How? Select your Eevee in the Pokedex, tap on it's name, then type in one of the following nicknames. 'Sparky' to evolve into a Jolteon the electricity Pokémon. 'Rainer' to change Eevee into Vaporeon a water Pokémon and 'Pyro' is for fire Pokémon Flareon.

Tip No.3: Find Out The Exact Location Of The Pokémon Nearby

For the love of God, call me sad but I feel like all my Christmases have come at once. No longer does one have to wander aimlessly only to come across a scabby Zubat, but you can scan your local area and go after a bit of what you fancy.

It's dead simple, just head over to Pokévision and enter your location. This is just so freakin' good. You can scan every thirty seconds and it'll tell you exactly who is where.

Tip No.4: Progress Quicker With Double XP

You need a Lucky Egg for this. You get these at a Pokéstop if you are fortunate enough. Don't evolve your Pokémon until you have around five to do at the same time. Use your lucky egg and you will double your XP for 30 minutes thus helping you move up the levels quicker.

Tip No.5: Hatch Your Eggs Quicker

Hatching Eggs is a great way to get rare Pokémon into your collection. That's how I got my beloved Jigglypuff. Eggs are hatched by distance and you may think you can cheat by driving your phone about. Bad news! Pokémon Go knows when you are going above 25mph and won't register the distance for your egg to hatch. You could stick your app on and pop your phone in your pocket and go for a bike ride, or drive really slowly around the block like ten times, not looking at your phone of course, because that's just dumb and dangerous. Another way is to attach it to your dog, but that's one risk you may not want to take. Smashed screen, anyone?

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Image Credit:, Arcade Go on You Tube, Android Authority and Wiki.


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