Olivia Wilde Shares Brilliantly Honest Parenthood Selfies

Olivia Wilde

Somehow we missed Olivia Wilde's brilliant parenthood selfie (pelfie) when she posted it a couple of weeks ago. Along with the pic above, the House and Tron: Legacy actress wrote:

I call this hairstyle, "keep the kid alive". Products you'll need: sweat, string cheese, diaper rash cream, chewed up crayon, snot, and an enthusiastic spritz of panic.

Wilde immediately shot to the top of our favourite celebrity mums list. And then she took it a step further by sharing this pic:

Olivia Wilde parenthood selfie

... Along with this caption:

Mentally preparing for 13 hour travel day with toddler. My suitcase is mostly full of bribes. #packingiswhathappensinnhell #dontletmedownElmo

Olivia has an 18-month-old son named Otis, and we're just loving the honesty of her funny, candid parenthood selfies. Isn't it refreshing to see 'celebrity' mums keeping it real, sharing their less-than-glamorous and downright stressful moments, as opposed to just their A-list loveliness?

It's not that I need my own experience of motherhood in any way 'validated' by celebrity mothers, but there's something so down to earth about a famous mum being able to laugh at the insanity and absurdity that often characterises motherhood. When a mother who can presumably afford the very best in live-in childcare, an army of domestic support, and no end of help and inspiration in the style stakes chooses to poke fun at the moments when it feels like motherhood might be the ruin of you, it's downright helpful for those of us who sometimes presume that everyone else is managing this motherhood thing with a whole lot more panache than we are. Isn't it?

In fact, Olivia's hilarious snaps inspired us to wonder whether Playpennies might fancy sharing their own parenthood selfies? We'd love to see yours over on our Facebook page.

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