New Mum Goes For Dinner. Get Over It.

New Mum Goes For Dinner. Get Over It.

I didn't even know who Chrissy Tiegen was until this morning but apparently the internet is awash with venom because of her. Why? The model and new mum deigned to leave her two-week-old baby at home while she popped out for a bit to eat with her husband. Oh, and she posted this pic of her with her new little bundle of joy which was apparently interpreted as gratuitous flaunting of her assets at a time when her focus should be her baby.

For the love of Ada.

Look magazine reports:

"Chrissy Teigen only gave birth a week ago, yet she's already dealing with questions over her parenting style. The 30-year-old headed out for dinner with husband John Legend at the weekend, with the couple hitting up trendy eatery The Nice Guy in LA for a well-deserved night out. But apparently, this wasn't appropriate for a woman who gave birth a week ago, because the Sports Illustrated model was quickly hit with a barrage of criticism over her decision to leave baby Luna at home for the evening."

Fortunately, Teigen seemed to take the criticism in her stride. She wrote on Twitter:

'I went to dinner. People are p*ssed. Good morning!'

Good for Teigen but despite her chipper attitude, this 'story' really bugged me. That a new mum can't grab a bite to eat with her husband after having a baby without the world telling her she's doing motherhood wrong is utterly preposterous.

I can't fathom why anyone would presume to feel offended by the pics of Teigen out with her husband - and I couldn't bring myself to read any more of the aforementioned article because WHAT ARE WE DOING?

How can we have created a culture wherein it's ok to imply that a woman is a bad mother for leaving her baby in the care of a loved one in order to have dinner with her husband?

(And don't get me started on the fact that meanwhile we turn a blind eye to the plight of thousands of truly neglected children elsewhere in Europe. The world's gone bonkers, if you ask me.)

Teigen's not the only one to get it in the neck for failing to be chained to her baby 24/7, either. I've heard grown women question the parenting skills of everyone from Coleen Rooney to Denise Van Outen all because they've done something fun without their child in tow.

I can only assume all this vitriol stems from jealousy on account of the fact that Teigen looks so fabulous.

But that's just my view - we'd like to hear yours. Do you think a mum's place is at home with her baby a week after giving birth, or is having dinner with your husband an important part of taking care of your self when you're responsible for a new human?

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  • Sara '.

    Was the baby home alone? :confused: I'm confused as to why people are annoyed?

    • Karen D.

      Lol I thought that at first but baby was with someone! She literally went out for dinner with Hubby while someone babysat and they've made it sound like she left baby home alone :joy::joy:

    • Sara '.

      So she was what an hour or two? I'm completely baffled! I would rather leave my newborn than take them to a noisy restaurant :confused:. The worlds gone mad :joy:

  • Amy R.

    Haha, well if 9 days is too young to be left with a relative for a couple of hours then im in the bad books too! My first daughter was less than 9 days old when my mother-in-law had her overnight for the first time. She is 6 and a half now and doing fine :)

    • Deanna W.

      9 days old over night is way too young imo

      • KatJo

        Why? If the baby is with someone you trust and you know will be safe, warm and dry with food (expressed or formula) do you honestly think the baby will mind?

    • Harriet R.

      If you're able to then so be it but I personally don't think you have that emotional attachment to the baby just yet if you're able to leave them over night at a week old!

    • Carla S.

      It takes a village to raise a child

    • Amanda B.

      I agree with u! I had a extended section which cut through my tendon on my hip bone lost 2 and half pints of blood and then caught an infection in the wound afterwards I was nackerd and could hardly move! My mother I law took a weeks leave off to help me and had my wee girl at hers a couple of the nights when she was two weeks old! I'm glade she helped me and I new she was more that capable looking after my baby every body has there own opinions there is no right or wrong way!

    • Rachel D.

      My son wasn't even a day old when we were apart for the first time- he was in neonatal! He has had a lot of sleepovers in my mum's since. He is almost 3 and our bond is amazing. He is also very close to his daddy and my mum. He knows he has a lot of people around him that love him. I don't see a problem with that but then I also don't see a problem with not letting your child be looked after by anyone else. Why? Because every parent and child are different and we all do what is best for our family. It's nobody else's business what we do as long as the children are healthy and happy X good luck to you all in your parenthood journeys X

    • guest

      Harriet R are you serious??! Keep your stupid opinion to yourself! I myself agree with Amy! My daughter was about that age when she stayed at grannies ... The bond is unreal. I couldn't cope for 6 months away. It was so hard. I was a nightmare constant texts and calls my daughter is 8 next month. And she's just fine. Think a few hours isn't doing no harm. Don't want a clinging child stuck to you, 24/7 and I bet you are also one to have the child bed share with you!!! Not everyone is able to have grandparents be so hands on.. Jealousy?? Hmm anyway..

    • Harriet R.

      Everyone has a different opinion, I love how if its not the same as certain people's they just jump down your throat :joy: for me 12 days is too early, for others it's not. whatever that's fine. I didn't once say a child would he affected in the long term by staying away! They don't remember anyway. And fyi I've never shared my bed with my daughter :thumbsup:

    • Vikki S.

      My baby was in the special care unit for a week so was away from me! Personally wouldn't at that age but everyone parents differently, as long as the child knows they are loved and are happy, does it matter?!

    • Cheryl H.

      You said about the attachment to your child.. That's the issue!! We don't love or care for our children cause we leave them with FAMILY for a few hours.. Just like leaving them with dad to go shopping? Or does the child have to strapped to you to show "love" school is just a stretch to far!! :joy: stupid woman!!

    • Katie M.

      My mum took my son over night at 3 days old! He was fine we were fine. No big issues! He loves us just the same he also has an amazing bond with his nanny and grandma! He doesn't cry when we leave him with them. He gives us cuddles and kisses and says "see you later mummy, daddy love you see you in the morning" I love his bond with his grandmothers.

    • Harriet R.

      Jeeze you need to calm down :joy: and also re read what I wrote...I didn't say you didn't love or care for your children so get off your high horse! I simply said the attachment can't be there yet in the first few days. Can't even be bothered commenting anymore because of course your opinion is the only one that matters :rolling_eyes:

  • Toni C.

    At 6 months was still not wanting to leave my baby was raining every 5 mins she now nearly 9 months and only been out twice with hubby since been born

  • Clare R.

    Is it news? She's a new mum, give her a break.

  • Sheena V.

    I probably wouldn't leave a baby so young but each to their own. If baby was being looked after properly then it's really none of anyone else's business!

  • Keira D.

    If they felt ready to leave their baby then what's the problem. The baby was being cared for by someone else. X

  • Helen J.

    They're just jealous she a) got dressed b) ate. A rare luxury! X

  • Amanda W.

    I didn't leave mine till they was over one. I never wanted too. I was in awe of the little person I'd created.

    • Mslarsn

      Me either however this has nothing to do with anyone. Each to their own, having a small baby does not make you a prisoner it is a personal choice. Pathetic anything for a bit of news

  • Michelle G.

    It's got nothing to do with anyone else!

  • Danielle L.

    It's ok for dad to go out I suppose? Lol. Give the woman a break!

  • Jeanette C.

    I think its her choice and people should butt out! I wouldn't personally but that's my choice and this was hers. Why should anyone say when a parent can or can't go out. Also there is nothing wrong with the picture, its a new mum doting over her baby.

  • Tara G.

    It's not as though the baby was left alone while they went out. NOT LIKE SOME COUPLE that can me mentioned and daughter taken

  • Claire R.

    What business is it of anyone else's at what age parents should leave their child with someone!

  • Katy S.

    Nobody else's business! As long as the baby was being well looked after then what's the problem. My mum had my eldest overnight at 6 weeks old and I left my youngest for 3 hours at 3 weeks old to attend a friends 30th. They are both healthy happy children!

  • Shellie H.

    They went out for dinner not a week away :joy: pathetic !!! It's good to do things as a couple after having kids , or after a few years your just people with kids , with not much of a relationship besides that .

  • Lisa L.

    It's not like the baby wasn't safe! It's important to have couple time too. I didn't leave my son for ages as I didn't feel ready to. But family stepped in and reminded me I'm important too and need a break. It made me a better parent. It's about time we supported new mums not slagged them off for no reason

  • Jenny F.

    Think it's great they went out together for a meal , my husband and I did after both of ours just for a couple of hours - although u feel a bit lost without them it's definately needed ! No one should criticise then ridiculous

  • Nicola C.

    Im jealous.Taken me two years to leave mine for 3 hours!

    • Kelly T.

      Me too xxx

  • Laura D.

    Well its probably no one else's business if they go out without their baby but I have personally NEVER left my two year old at night to go out and only once left my four year old and that was to give birth to the younger one. I love being with my children.

    • Lisa K.

      Someone leaving their child for the night doesn't mean the parents don't love being with their children it could mean that the parents love to see the excitment in their kids face when they get to stay at nannies

    • Laura D.

      I never said it meant they didn't love being with their children. I just said its my personal preference to keep them with me as much as possible.

    • guest

      Laura D I'm the same as you Laura. My little boy is 3 and I've never left him to go out at night either. We have a great routine and I love putting him to bed and reading him a story xx

    • Zoey H.

      Me neither got twins coming up for 3 and the 1st time I went out was to see a movie with the girls last feb, I went out after I put them to bed and I was back before 12 and they have never stayed at anyone else's house and that's the way it's staying until they ask me if the can. X

    • Lisa C.

      I'm with you Laura. I actually couldn't/ still can't leave my now 2 yr old for a night out, and most people can't understand it. I just think it's too young for them to understand why we're not there in the night if they need us - no matter how close they are to other family members. I guess we're old fashioned ;)

    • Joanna S.

      Before I was on maternity leave I left my son for 13 hours overnight to go and work, my mother would babysit between 6-10pm until My husband came in. Me and my husband don't get the chance to go out much but we go when we get the chance. I think it's good and healthy to have some time as a couple away from your children. It doesn't make them bad parents because they parent differently to you.

    • Lisa A.

      im the same- I think we have been out for dinner about 4 times in 18 months, but always in by 11. I'm too knackered to do anymore anyway! my mum and dad never left us either.

    • Liz P.

      I have the strongest bond with my sons my health visitor and teachers have 'ever seen' (their own words) and regularly went/go in evenings out. My eldest was left while I was in early labour with his brother and my youngest was left at 10 weeks when his brother was in resus. My children have a dad - no reason why I have to stay at home if I'm invited out lol

  • Jessica T.

    I went to the USA to visit my husband (royal navy) for a week when my first was 6 weeks old and he's 12 now and perfectly fine

  • Jade M.

    Good on them! Not to mention that newborns are also human magnets because everyone wants to ask about them. She would probably have had a camera shoved in her face also. Who wants strangers to take pictures of their newborns? Whether you're in the public eye or not!

  • Helen L.

    A new baby puts a lot of strain and pressure on a relationship. Working on relationship bonds and having time to speak to your significant other makes for better parents overall. Baby is well cared for and won't miss either parent unless it's feeding time (but sure she has that covered).

  • Karen A.

    It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. They went out for dinner, they didn't leave their baby in a supermarket car park...Jeeez

    • Becky J.

      Or in a hotel room abroad unattended....

    • Karen A.

      Indeed Becky

  • Sharna B.

    O did with my eldest as had to work etc and didn't know better. Have missed special occasions since then as I refuse to leave 6 week old with a sitter. It's quite easy in the first couple of weeks as they sleep so much ( if you are lucky lol)

  • Carrie D.

    Good for her!!! I left my little boy when he was only a few days old with my mum...who we lived with for an hour to go to asda (glamorous I know haha) but was nice to just be out for a bit x

  • Rachel D.

    Omg pathetic! I understand some people love being with their children 24/7 but a lot of people need a bit of space, even if that is only a week in! My son is 3 in August and I have lost count of the sleepovers he has had with my mum. He still doesn't sleep through, so once in a while we need a break, even if just to sleep! She didn't leave her child on it's own for goodness sake! :see_no_evil:

    • Lisa K.

      If I didn't let my child sleep over @ nanna and grandads they would miss out on so much it would be cruel to them the children that have family members that want to bother because they love you and your child are so lucky and some parents need to realise this instead of wrapping their kids up all the time

    • Rachel D.

      Lisa :clap_tone1::clap_tone1::clap_tone1:

  • Catherine B.

    What's it got to do with anyone. Baby being looked after. Mum and dad having a couple if hours of 'them' time. People need to get a grip!

  • Sarah W.

    Anyone would think they left the baby home alone the way they are being criticised :thinking:

  • Caroline S.

    Mine was 4 weeks old when we first left him. Couples need to time to be a couple every now and then. The baby was safe and looked after. Don't really see what the problem is!

    • Bekey C.

      Same. I left my son with his grandma. And he stayed over at hers. And me and my partner went out for a meal to celebrate our anniversary. First time we had been out properly together in months because i had bad sciatica when pregnant and couldn't walk far or do too much. I think the longer you wait to leave your child with family etc the harder it will be. Im fine with my son going to his grandmas. Hes 10 months old and stays there once or twice a month xx

  • Amy A.

    I wouldn't have wanted to and I can't understand it when women do want to. Even if I hadn't been breastfeeding I wouldn't have wanted to be away from my newborn. That's not to say it's wrong everyone's different.

  • Alice M.

    Fair enough, each to their own but I just feel sorry for her, that she doesn't want to spend every single second with her beautiful newborn. Everyone is different I suppose.

    • Harriet R.

      I can't help but feel sorry for her too. That she's lacking that total obsessive love you have for your baby that makes you never want to leave them!

    • Alice M.

      exactly!!! My baby is 8 months and I can't leave him for more than an hour without being desperate to see him And when he was 9 days I don't think he left my arms for a second Also feel sorry for her she feels the need to prove to the world she's coping and able to go out! Hopefully their bond gets stronger .. Doubtful if she keeps leaving her tho?!?

      • Lq1

        Judgemental much? How can you say she doesnt have a bond with her baby?  she only went out for dinner! Catch a grip perfect parent!

    • Nagem G.

      Oh wise up you turnips! He probably sleeps longer than the amount of time she was away. God help your kids if yous are so obsessively smothering.

    • Nykki G.

      Are you for real!! Fucking hell!

    • Leanne B.

      I left my son with the in laws when he was a few weeks old and not due to the fact I didn't want to be near him all the time. Don't feel sorry for us kind of people.

    • Karen G.

      She doesn't need your sympathy, just your acceptance that she is a different person and different parent than you! How can you assume there is no/little bond, just because she doesn't think like you do?

    • Alice M.

      Well when he was a newborn I was lucky enough to have lots of support so no I didn't have to do stuff I could just cuddle him, but I put him down now?? I never said I didn't?

  • Lynne M.

    My daughter was 4 week old when i first left her for the night to go out for a meal for my 1st Wedding Anniversary, we went for a meal came home & where in bed for 11pm & also got a full night sleep... which was really needed. My daughter stayed overnight with my parents & i felt fine leaving her in their more than capable hands. This was my Husbands 2nd child & he had told me the longer you wait to leave her the harder it will be & for me this was true. She is now 2.5 years old & loves going to stay at her grandparents houses for sleepovers when we have social events on xx

  • Becky J.

    Anyone would think they left the baby on her own :joy::joy::joy:

  • Rachael S.

    People need to get a life. I really don't give a poo what others do, what's important is what I do. :neutral_face:

  • Linda M.

    Good for them!! It's not like the baby was on its own or in danger... Man get a freaking grip!!!

  • Sarah F.

    Flaming Nora, they went out for dinner!! I went out with my husband and friends when my son was 12 days old for drinks and clubbing for afew hours and left him with my mum who was staying with us and now he's 5 and absolutely fine and then with my daughter I had my baby shower when she was 5 days old (came early hence shower after) with wine and friends and having a good time, she's now 7 months, (didnt breastfeed either) .... Both are fine and I enjoyed myself :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Don't get me wrong I absolutely love my kids but think it's healthy to have some distance and I only mean afew hours, I'm not talking days :thumbsup::thumbsup:

    • Lisa K.

      I don't know days can be good too lmao (for all the critics I am actually joking)

    • Sarah F.

      Haha yeah some days I feel like days can be good! Had to say hours so I don't get trolled by the PC brigade :joy::joy:

    • Lisa K.

      Oh I know lol as much as I love my children they need to have different experiences with different people. My daughter is now 10 and has just been on her first school holiday. I hated her going missed missed her like crazy but I would never in a million years have stopped her from going because of the fun she had experiences she had gained and she did it all with her friends. I just had extra cuddles with her when she got back because I missed her

    • Sarah F.

      Haha I completely agree, my son who's now 5 went for his first sleepover at Nanas when he was 4 weeks, he's since has loads and now he's not clingy or anything, started school and ran in, really outgoing, sometimes a little pain :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but I'm totally happy with how we raised him, I think it's healthy to still have a social life, time for husband/partner, same with my daughter, we visit friends all the time and she's comfortable with everyone, that attitude by me through having 2 kids sleeping through at 2 months old, straight in their own room, love love love my cuddles but don't smoother them, worked out good for me :thumbsup::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: xx

    • Ann-marie D.

      Totally agree I never left mine over night till they were older but I did go to movies etc with partner for few hours but that was my choice mostly cause I was shattered Lol. But who cares she went out for dinner with her husband people are too busy judging others parenting skills. Everyones different aslong as the child is looked after and safe who's business is it. People really do annoy me on these kind of pages x

    • Sarah F.

      I know I never comment on these things but it was pissing me off! I feel sorry for the people that feel they can't leave their kids and don't enjoy their partners, cinema, dinner and like you said just going re energising lol .... Anyone would think she left the country without her baby

    • Rachel D.

      We went away for 2 nights when my son was 3 months old :grin: we were only an hour away and facetimed but it was pre planned before I was pregnant and he was in safe hands. It was hard but we had an amazing time. We did talk about him constantly though :see_no_evil: haha he is 3 soon and I think we're due a weekend without him again :joy:

    • Ann-marie D.

      Busy bodies that's all cause I'm sure they are all perfect parents lol x

    • Sarah F.

      Good for you! Do it and enjoy yourself! I went centre parcs with friends when my son was 7 months old for 2 nights, we had a great time!!! Missed him but was great to be out out lol

    • Rachel D.

      To be honest, my mum was nagging me for sleepovers as soon as I was pregnant. So I'm not sure I could have kept him to myself if I had tried! I'd have given in to the pressure at some point :joy: first grandchild syndrome :joy::heart:

    • Ann-marie D.

      Aww I left mine over night with my partner when they where 9/10 months old to go on a girls night away and when they where 1 so me and my partner could go away for night. I just think good for her she looks great and what's a meal with her husband big deal x

    • Sarah F.

      Oh my god!!! That's bang out of order!! I bottle fed my 2 as well, We must be going to hell!! I only have to look at my 2 and know they are healthy and they've never been ill, people need to bore off! Each to their own :raised_hands:

    • Rachel D.

      Ann-marie Dodds omg! That is terrible! I BF for 8 days until my midwife instructed me to stop. I was sobbing in pain every time and she said the baby will suffer more from an unhappy mummy. I'm gutted I couldn't but he is healthy and happy. I hope that young mum has learnt now!

  • Helen I.

    No need to criticise . They ate , and had some time out . Parenthood is hard .

  • Kelly M.

    Well my daughter was prem and was in hospital for 2 weeks and once she came home she was at home 6 days when she stayed with my sister so I must be as bad as her! Get over ya self's her kid her decisions nobody has a right to judge her :see_no_evil:

  • Harriet R.

    Sorry but if you need 'space' a week into having a precious little baby, you should probably have thought about why you wanted a baby in the first place.

    • Kerry D.

      Sorry but that's nonsense. Everyone is entitled to be their own person as well as being a parent - we don't get absorbed into just being mum. Too many people neglect their relationships when they have kids and it breaks down... Way more traumatic than leaving them for a couple of hours to get some headspace.

    • Harriet R.

      Of course what you're saying it totally correct, I agree, just not one week into becoming a parent.

    • Ashley K.

      I couldn't disagree more. I hadn't slept in a week, cried every time my baby came near my boobs and yes, was wondering what on earth we were thinking having this savage little creature who sucked the life out of us and didn't stop screaming day and night. BUT with the support of family who enabled my husband and I to do things like actually go out for a few hours and catch our breath, we were able to bond and now couldn't be more in love with our little 1 year old who is the delight of our lives. But I still like to go out once a week with my husband or friends if I can get away with it!

    • Karen G.

      why not? Because you didn't want that? The right time for a little baby free time is what you felt and needed? Everyone is different!

    • Harriet R.

      I think what this whole thread has shown is that everyone is different. I guess there's no right or wrong but clearly it's hard to see how others think when you're so in your own mindset. Personally, I couldn't bare to leave a newborn baby that I've carried inside me for 9 months, so soon. But others feel differently and that's fine.

  • Jo W.

    Their baby, their business. Thats all

  • Bryony B.

    Nobodies business xx

  • Jacqueline M.

    They didnt leave the baby alone ffs ... and was it the dad she went out with ??? He isnt being slated tho is he !?

  • Penny R.

    I couldn't bare to leave either of my three, even for a couple of hours, for first 6 months ......but everyone is different. Each to their own :grin: .....

  • Susan H.

    It's not like they left the baby home alone! Think some people need to get over them selves!!!!!!! My daughter was ill when 1st born and was in hospital for 2 weeks I was discharged after 1 night so I must b a terrible mum 4 leaving her every night in the hospital!

  • Kirsty T.

    Perfect parent brigade :joy::see_no_evil:

  • Cara J.

    My OH took my daughter away for a week when she was around 9 weeks old. It gave me much needed time to recover from a horrendous traumatic labour which left me feeling ill for weeks and weeks. My daughter is now 18mths old and a happy, loving and cheerful little soul.

  • Tracy M.

    Personal choice. All circumstances differ. Is the baby looked after?? Why judge? We're all hard working living parents who's views differ. But we all love our children. Best interests at heart who cares!! Xx

  • Maria D.

    Good on them.

  • Lou P.

    My baby was 8 weeks old when he had his first sleepover at my parents as myself and my husband went out for dinner and to the theatre. I'm a rubbish parent too in that case but I'd take that over the alternative any day!

  • Gemma K.

    Oh ffs it's not like the baby was left at home to fend for themselves! :rolling_eyes:

  • Holly N.

    Leave them now whilst you can pass through the front door without a child clinging to your leg and screaming from the bottom of their lungs whilst wondering if you are going to come back to a scene from jumangi after your husband has been in charge. For sure, go!

    • Vicky K.

      Jumanji ha ha brilliant it's like that daily in my house with 4 kids well 5 including my partner!!!

  • Julie G.

    Yet they would have probably been patronised if they took the baby with them!!!! Can't win :open_mouth::open_mouth:

  • Michelle B.

    When I read it I thought wtf left a baby alone ... Then I realised all they'd done was go out for dinner... Pffttt who cares?!

  • Rachel D.

    I wasn't showered or out of my pjs never mind fit to go out for dinner when my little girl was 9 days old :grin:. We were still sat staring at her in awe :heart_eyes:

    • Nikki H.

      This is the first comment in several pages that I agree with and also seems to mention wanting to be with the baby. Each to their own, I couldn't leave mine that early but by no means am I constantly attached to them either. Other people want hugs with them too :-) just I want to be the one who's there in the morning <3

    • Caroline I.

      I never left my daughter with anyone till she was over 5 months old and then I hated every minute of it. I couldn't of left her at 9 days old but that's my choice not everyone is the same xxx

  • Nikki P.

    I left mine at 10 days old! Each to their own I say x

  • Louise W.

    Serious! My son was less than 2 weeks old when we left him with my mum, whilst we visited our newborn nephew in hospital, and went out for a meal and drinks! Therefore I must be the worlds worst mum! And he must clearly be a very scared 2 year old now!

  • Lisa K.

    If I didn't let my child sleep over @ nanna and grandads they would miss out on so much it would be cruel to them the children that have family members that want to bother because they love you and your child are so lucky and some parents need to realise this instead of wrapping their kids up all the time

  • DM W.

    Nobody else's business!!! :laughing::laughing: #justsaying

  • Gemma M.

    We went out and left my 1 week old with my sister in law as it was our 10th anniversary. We sat in zizzi's looking at photos on our phone of him before getting them to wrap up our mains and going home. We were out a grand total of 45 mins lol x

  • Annie C.

    I cant beleive im bothering to comment on this! Wtf get a grip people and fair play to her

  • Jean B.

    Nothing wrong with that, not as if the baby is going to know. As long as it is fed,cuddled and nappies changed that's all it will need.

  • Michelle L.

    I'm sorry but I do think that's ridiculous. I can't relate to any mother that can part with their two week old first born even just to go out for dinner

    • Karen G.

      For a happy healthy baby, you need happy healthy parents and that means different things to different people. Not everyone thinks like you. That doesn't make you a better and them a worse parent.

    • Michelle L.

      It's just my opinion and that i can't relate to it. A two week old baby knows practically nothing about the big world that they have found themself in and their biggest comfort is probably their mother's scent and warmth. I just wouldn't deny a baby that comfort for the sake of a meal in a restaurant.

  • Katie M.

    How is this different to having the baby taken to the nursery as happens in top hospitals like The Portland? It's not for me but also none of my business what another mum needs/wants to do.

  • Jackie D.

    We went out for the first time as a couple on our 10th anniversary. Our eldest was 7 and our twins 3!! I'm still don't really know why we didn't do it earlier but we didn't feel like we missed out. We are older parents who have already done a lot of going out before the kids arrived and have no family close. I personaĺly wouldn't have gone out a few weeks into having a newborn but I exclusively breastfed so it wouldn't have been an option really! So long as baby was getting their needs met it is okay and not really anyone else's business!

  • Nicola C.

    I left my first born with my mum when he was 7 days old to go out with my husband as we live so far away from friends and family we never ever get out together but my God I cried my eyes out haha

  • Ann-marie D.

    Oh my God it's not like she actually left the baby home alone!! Now thats when people should moan. Who's business is it if she goes out with her husband. People actually annoy me actually some people are just dumb :persevere:

  • Sarah B.

    I don't think it's anyone else's business really. Who cares what other people do. Who are people to judge?

  • Ellen M.

    My God some people have very sad lives if this story is of any interest to them. They went out to dinner, get over it ffs.

  • Louise M.

    I think its healthy to have a couple of hours away from your baby now and then so you can recharge and they don't become solely dependent on just you. I think I went out for the first time when my baby was two weeks old. My son is nearly two and I have no problems with separation anxiety and he isn't overly clingy either.

  • Sarah S.

    I think my girl was about 3 weeks old when we went out for lunch and it was so freeing after a very tough few weeks. Each to their own

  • Samantha G.

    No ones else's business

  • Leanne C.

    I don't disagree with them going out for dinner when the baby was 9 days old it's totally up to them and if anyone else wants to go out without their baby in the early days then lts totally up to the parents.i just know that I didn't want to leave my daughter with anyone alone until she was 4 months.i was very protective when she was first born obviously let people have cuddles etc but my mum would always ask when she could have her over night.i gave in at 4 months had just stopped breastfeeding as I had a hungry baby that wasn't getting full on breast milk myself and my partner went for a nice romantic meal.(well I say romantic,I still looked like I was carrying a 6 month old inside me:-)) ) my little girl weighed 9lb 14oz at birth so has taken a while to get rid of the weight :-/. Each to their own.just remember there is no perfect rule book and instructions when it comes to parenting.:-)

  • Carolyn A.

    Absolutely rediculous a mother and father are allowed some time to relax as well they have gone through something life changing and a few hours away from their child who is obviously with someone they trust is not a big deal. If it is I'm a terrible parent too as I had my youngest 12 days ago and we're arranging a date night soon xx

  • Cathy W.

    Iv left all my children at 2 weeks to go wet the babys head I have 4 children now ranging from 15 to 3 they all stay with there dad on a Saturday night as we spilt up and I would say me and my children have a better relationship from it now as I have my time and they have there space from me as we are all very close and spend a lot time together in the week x

  • Sarah R.

    My wonderful mother in law that is no l9nger with me had my daughter when she was 2 days old. I'm self employed and had promised to be there for a bride on her day. I had my daughter Thursday night and was working Saturday morning. Your baby, a mother knows what's best.

  • Tricia W.

    I take it someone was minding the baby?! Christ can't do right for doing wrong eh! Time out for mum is the best thing for baby sometimes.

  • Laura K.

    Oh for goodness sake. Why do is women tear each other to shreds? Why do we place impossible standards on others and ourselves then criticise when these aren't lived up to. So she fancied an hour or two of uninterrupted eating with her husband. If she had baby looked after and eaten a takeaway at home would there be the same uproar?! And as for the photo she is 'flaunting' at that stage post pregnancy I was doing everything possible to try and feel good about myself. I'm almost certain I'm not alone in this. Just because your baby is your priority doesn't mean that you become blind to your own looks, feelings or needs and nor should you. A happy mum means a happy baby so whatever makes her feel good (as long as it doesn't cause her or the baby harm) should be applauded! Maybe the critics should live by their own rules and spend More of their time with their children than on social media pointing fingers at everyone else. #peopleinglasshousesshouldntthrowstones

    • Clare-Louise L.

      :clap::clap::clap::clap: well said xx

  • Jen C.

    I was back in hospitals or two nights 3 days after being discharged from having my son. It just meant he got a strong attachment to my mum as well as me... He still does he's a total nannies boy even at 12! Choice was taken out of my hands but had no negative effect either long term or short term on him at all

  • Kellie B.

    The first time my eldest went to stay over with my sister he was 6 weeks old, she had to bring him back home cause I kept texting her asking how he was. My youngest was almost 3 before he spent a night away from me, just the way I am, Every parent and child is different no one should judge you. And I have been for being so CLINGY! :joy::joy:

  • Emilie T.

    Personal choice why do ppl judge so much

  • Carol M.

    It is in the early days you need the break more

  • Deanna J.

    leaving a baby with anyone capable to look after them shouldnt matter. The child was being looked after age is literally a number in this case if she had left baby for the first time at 3 years old shed still get slated. Baby was well looked after thats the main thing :ok_hand:

  • Kayley M.

    People need to grow up. She's been pregnant for how long too. If a couple want a couple of hours to themselves then good for them

  • Josey G.

    I left my son with my mum for 3 hours & went in town to do some shopping when he was 2 days old. Quick, someone call Child Services!!!

  • Salina P.

    Personally, I couldn't do it. I couldn't bear to be separated from them but it's personal choice and as long as the child is happy and well cared for that's what matters.

  • Sharon O.

    Who cares, it's their child and their life, people should just get on with their life's and leave others to live theirs

  • Jen C.

    I was back in hospitals or two nights 3 days after being discharged from having my son. It just meant he got a strong attachment to my mum as well as me... He still does he's a total nannies boy even at 12! Choice was taken out of my hands but had no negative effect either long term or short term on him at all

  • Jen C.

    I was back in hospitals or two nights 3 days after being discharged from having my son. It just meant he got a strong attachment to my mum as well as me... He still does he's a total nannies boy even at 12! Choice was taken out of my hands but had no negative effect either long term or short term on him at all

  • Katie T.

    My eldest was exactly 3 weeks old when she went to stay at my mums for a full 24 hours, so I could go out and get totally trollied for my birthday and have some sober up time. Second child was a whole 6 weeks old for her first sleep over with her nan (although that night out resulted in baby number 3 so let's not talk about that one :joy:) baby number 3 had his first sleep over at 8 weeks old. What are you ment to do? Sit at home for 18 years with them attached to your tit like a limpet? Put them in their cot and hope the cat remembers to give them a bottle, while you attempt to catch up with friends for the first time in months? I'll go with handing them over to nana for a few hours thanks. Talk about a non story.

  • Kat L.

    Good for her that she could do that. I cried when my daughter(who was 4 months at the time) went to my mum and dads for the evening while i went out with friends. She was fine and as always well looked after, i just felt like i lost a limb :joy::joy:

  • Jen C.

    I was back in hospitals or two nights 3 days after being discharged from having my son. It just meant he got a strong attachment to my mum as well as me... He still does he's a total nannies boy even at 12! Choice was taken out of my hands but had no negative effect either long term or short term on him at all

  • Sarah A.

    no? i left my toddler when he was about that old for the 1st time to go out with my hubby?

  • Carla W.

    Good luck to all the "i would never leave my child to go out" parents. When the time comes that for some reason they have to be left overnight and your kids are so stuck to your tits that they won't stay at even their grandparents. No seriously good luck with that because that day Will come:wink:

    • Lex P.

      Snap!!! I ADORE mine but 3s the magic number my arse! We're lucky enough to be able to have the occasional weekend or night away sometimes and we grab it with both hands and appreciate them so much more when we get back. Feel refreshed and better for it and actually enjoy them! We're normal Mums and women love!

    • Katie M.

      Hear hear!! :smiley: if they can't be left before 3 I'm the worst! Although 3 was our number too just it was days not years! He's stopped once a month at Nannys and once a month at grandmas too!

    • Carla W.

      Got to have time to be a normal person girls. Xx

  • Joni W.

    I left our 2day old son to do afood shop. Should i b prosecuted?? He was with his dad

  • Jasmine N.

    Up to them everyone's different You need alone couple time at some point keep flame alive

    Let them be

  • Tasja W.

    As long as they didn't leave him on his own who cares

  • Cesca S.

    Would everyone know their own business so what if they are out. I did and I'm sure most did. U need u time Nd being a parent is hard work. Nothing wrong leave these people alone.

  • Mummybear

    I live by the mantra; Happy Mummy, Happy baby!

  • Sonia L.

    Ain't nobody business. Is that baby left alone, is baby left starving, is baby being beaten. Ow. Baby is safe and looked after. Then get over it!!!!!! We r all different, which makes us perfect. Xxx

  • Lorah N.

    Absolutely not!!! Especially if she has baby blues like I did. They know what's best for their baby. People need to butt out.

  • Lynne M.

    Never left any of my 3, was way to tired to go out for a meal let alone have time lol. Fair play to them. It's only eating out not out on the piss! Not being funny but who cares anyway.

  • Michelle C.

    Just read this article and I have to say I don't understand what the big problem is. Many women leave their babies with babysitters for many reasons so why not a meal with her husband. People need to mind their own business. What suits one person doesn't suit another there is no right or wrong.

  • Judith H.

    One of our local hospitals used to encourage new mums and dads to have a 'date night' before they left the hospital after the birth. The baby stayed safely in the hospital with the midwife while the parents had a bit of time bonding as new parents. If the child is well cared for it should be fine, she only left it for a short while anyway.

  • Helen S.

    Is this tabloid type reporting - stir stir stir. USA don't give automatic mat leave so women who work may have to leave kids with relative / carer sooner and longer. Cuddles sleep food will have been enjoyed by baby I'm sure.

  • guest

    Poor mums working shifts probably feeling like bad parents:dizzy_face::dizzy_face:

  • Maria H.

    Nearly all celebs leave their kids to go out to work anyway.

  • Cherrie C.

    LOL I honestly can't see what on gods earth it has to do with anybody apart from them! Not something that I have ever done but I won't leave mine go with anyone, and if I'm honest I am still a blubbering mess for weeks after giving birth! Bloody good on her and she looks amazing too :kissing_heart:

  • Grace H.

    Don't see what the problem is sheis not neglecting or abusing her child theres far worse things she could be doing . My son was 2 days old when the mother in law did her first bit of baby sitting we were still in the hospital I had not ate in 3 days and my partner took me down to the hospital canteen and we left our munchkin with Grandma so we could grab some food :)

  • Kerri L.

    My daughter was 9days old when I left her at home with her Dad to go to my staff Christmas party. I was gone a total of 4hours and had a lovely time! Had 2 drinks and lovely meal but couldn't wait to get home to my baby, she was due a feed, we had cuddles and she was perfectly fine with Dad :blush: every parent needs a break!! Especially after carrying the baby for 9months and giving birth we deserve some "me" time to chill or go out and enjoy ourselves!

  • Hayley M.

    I made a choice at the age of 30 to have a baby and be a Mum. Almost 6 months down the line I will be leaving my little boy with his grandparents for the evening for the first time. Dinners and nights out can wait, imo, for the sake of a few months so you can give your all to this tiny person who depends on you and needs you. Personally I wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else during these first precious months but then I guess people's priorities are different.

  • Sarah G.

    Why are we constantly woman bashing! We need to start supporting each other not stripping each other down. Did I leave my little one that young no but that's my choice mine was 6 months and I got grief for that! Some said I should have left her earlier! Erm sod off my child my choice. As long as the baby was well cared for and fed let the woman eat!!!! The baby probably just slept and didn't notice she'd gone! Come on ladies lets stick together!

  • guest

    That is amazing. So healthy to be able to leave your children at home and go out for dinner. Often a marriage gets neglected once children come. And she was probably so anxious inside but didn't want to show it. Our son slept over the first time when he was 6 weeks and it was HARD but important and now it happens every 3 weeks :joy::joy::joy:. Drove 4 hours to my 10 year reunion when he was 7 days old. He survived. People are so funny.

  • Sharon E.

    Omg how is this even news! She the mum we all need a break at some point! She carried her little man for 9month and gave birth to him!! People really need to get a life!! I must be in bad books as my mum had my daughter for the night when she was 3 days old as I needed a rest and a full night sleep!!! Naughty me !

  • Cherine D.

    If you can do it then it's down to the parents, I personally couldn't but that because I feel too attached and don't want to leave them at all.

  • Liz P.

    It was only dinner, not a weekend away lol. Baby would have slept for those few hours and not even known they had gone. All parents need some time to themselves especially after a birth. We went for regale evenings out while nanna babysat for a few hours, and I went to clubs with friends when daddy was home with them. We still go for evenings out and went away for a few days when we won tickets for silverstone. No harm in a break once in a while, happy parents means happy children. I left my youngest overnight and all the next day at only 10 weeks old, he was fine.

  • Sally S.

    Nope I was far to poorly and baby was in scbu she is just over 3 months now still haven't been out felt I missed out at the beginning so every second d counts to me but don't have anything against it either and I don't have family to look after mine so another reason.

  • Kate H.

    Oh my god! She'll go straight to hell! Take that baby off her, she obviously cannot be trusted! Clearly a hussy for wearing a vest top! Idiots.

  • Clare-Louise L.

    As long as the baby wasn't left home alone and is safe I don't see what the problem is!! Some people just have nothing better to do that put others down! As the saying goes If you have nothing nice to say s.t.f.u!

  • Katie N.

    Each to their own! Just because you sat staring at your baby for weeks in your pjs doesn't make you love them anymore than those that went out for dinner 7 days later! Jesus stop with the judging everyone!!!

  • Kamila T.

    Each to their own. My daughter is 7 months old and I have left her twice so far for 2 h at a time with my husband other than that I cannot even imagine to leave her anywhere and definitely would never leave a baby as young as 9 days old with anyone at all. But it's their child and their choice no ones business :blush:

  • Rachael O.

    Each to their own. No need for debate really. I'm sure chrissy and John legend love their baby as much as the next set of parents. I left my baby to go shopping for a few hours at 2 weeks old, doesn't make me a bad parent, he was on my mind constantly and the grandparent got endless calls during his stay with them :blush:

  • Rachel L.

    Wow just wow!!!

  • Lauren D.


  • Jacqueline R.

    A couple of hours away in those early days is a wonderful experience. My youngest was born in a local cottage hospital (those were the days :-) ) and they always did a babysitting night so the new parents could go out for a couple of hours for a meal.

  • Beckylloyd

    omg! The world has gone mad!! Good for her and her husband enjoying some quality time together after the emotional and hard experience they have just been through for the last 10 months and bringing the baby into the world in the first place. I couldn't wait to have a night off with him and leaving my bubba with someone I trust - gave me a break and started the bond between my little girl and her aunty anyway! All new mums need a few hours off for their own sanity!!

  • Susan M.

    There is life after having a baby and going out to dinner with your husband is wonderful get a grip you idiots who think life as to stop because you have given birth

  • Emma L.

    I'm surprised firstly she even feels up to going out for dinner! And secondly why should we even care....just another celeb sprog! These celebs do things like this to get noticed and to get people talking .....sad really!

  • Tracey C.

    I can't believe that this is still was a couple of hours...I did the same when i went to my mum 60th birthday party and I was gone about 4 hrs...he was with his dad..I expressed milk in a bottle and he was fine...all he did was sleep...this perfect parent brigade just pisses me off....what even more annoying is that if the dad had been out by himself no one would be saying he should be at home with his kid

  • Victoria S.

    People need mind their own business. They went for dinner not week holiday.

  • Dorothy R.

    People have gone stark raving mad - They got a babysitter and went out to dinner - what has going out to dinner without baby got to do with anything - people need to get a life! We all need adult time and if her husband wants to treat her to a meal out that is their business.

  • Rebecca A.

    If I remember rightly, my son was less than 4 weeks old when my mum had him overnight for the 1st time. I'm a single mum and needed some sleep! I don't think mums or dads should be bashed for wanting some time to themselves...this parenting gig is a hard job, and yes we chose to go into it, but also, we shouldn't be made to feel guilty for wanting some time to recharge xx

  • Karen R.

    If she had left her baby for 2 hours to go to asda no one would bat an eyelid. Not like they did a mc can and left her home alone while they went out on the piss with their mates.

  • Kerry C.

    It took me 3 months before I could leave my lb with anyone and that was because a holiday was previously booked before I was pregnant. After that it took me a further 4 months before I would let him stay anywhere and even at that I only leave him with his dad, my parents or my partners mum. No one else has ever watched him and he is just over a year old.

  • Hannah W.

    I know after I have birth the love was unreal and I missed my baby bump but she's carried that baby for 9 months. It's nice to have a break. My mum looked after my LG while I had a bath or a nap or popped out shopping etc. It's time as a couple in a busy baby dominated household. I think they are very real xx

  • Lisa C.

    Up to the parents. Nothing to do with us at all.

    • Charlie W.

      Lovely they have people they trust to leave a baby with at age, wish I had been able to do that more.

    • Lisa C.

      I'd love To have someone I could leave them all with now.

    • Charlie W.

      know that feeling well!

  • Holly W.

    No! I think people should mind their own bloody business! After 9 months of pregnancy and then the ordeal of childbirth she's more than entitled to go out! As long as the baby is with someone u trust why not! A bit of me time creates a happy and relaxed parent which is better for everyone

  • Jessica R.

    I'm be more concerned with babies and children that are kicked to death and starved!

  • Laura S.

    Can't believe they wanted to eat out!!!!!

  • Natalie L.

    It's not as if they'll be leaving it unattended there aloud a break get over it people

  • Frances B.

    No, no one else's business. As long as the baby was being looked after there's no problem. They still have a life as a husband and wife too.

  • Nicola H.

    It's nothing to do with anyone else

  • Alex S.

    I don't think it's a bad thing it was only dinner, I personally don't want to leave my daughter and she's almost three months, I've made plans twice but then cancelled as I couldn't face being apart from her. But that's just me.

  • Scarlett B.

    It's down to the parents when they are ready to leave the baby :purple_heart:

  • motorola1

    Omg why are people so interested in her going out to dinner with her husband. Get a grip yes she's a mum and yes she's married. It's nice that she has a little break away with her husband to go for some food. It's not like she's out clubbing smashed outta her head or taking drugs. Everyone needs a little time now and then. 

    Good for her I say. And congratulations both on your new little bundle of joy, enjoy both.

  • Tanya N.

    People need to get a grip lol

  • Ange H.

    9hours is too soon but 9 days is quite fine..

  • Georgina C.

    Well Amanda Holden was back to work in a blink of an eye after her daughter Hollie was born and after her awful time bet she didn't really want to leave her. But loads of mums have to work and keep their jobs which is why the law states we have to have two weeks off after giving birth but after that were good to return. What difference is it working or dinner? The poor woman still has to eat and be 'seen' she's in that industry

  • Karrie A.

    I left mine with a friend at 5 days old to go and watch the latest Harry Potter film. I didn't even see the start as I fell asleep x

  • Corrinne F.

    The poor girl...... All she did was go for a meal. ..!!!!! She doesn't have to have

  • Corrinne F.

    Sorry posted too early. .. she doesn't have to totally give up everything because she's a mum xxx :laughing:

  • Johanna W.

    Am sure the baby was not left on her own. Get over it people!!!!

  • Lauren N.

    If they're safe warm and fed and mum returns what's the problem?

  • Lauren N.

    I left my daughter at 2 days old to take my dog to emergency vet. She was with her nan and she's breast fed!!

  • Natalie S.

    Our daugther was left with my mum at 7 weeks old whilst we went to a concert and for some dinner. We missed her like crazy but was nice to have 'us' time and we've kept to having a date night once aonth since. Our daughter is nearly 5 months old now x

  • Denise G.

    If I had her money and gorgeous Husband, and did not feel tired.... Due to the fact I could hire a top of the range Nanny I would be out like a shot. Then again she probably got her Mum or his Mum to mind baby, what a load of codswallop these perfect parents go on with!

  • Trisha B.

    So she went out. Leaving her new born well looked after. There are enough people who will put mums down over the most trivial things. Let's not do it to each other. She loves her child. She took a break. We all try to be the best mums we can be. We just do it differently

  • Helen I.

    Good on her! She can make her own decisions for her and her baby! She shouldn't be ridiculed by other bitchy mums that have nothing better to do than be trolls!

  • Jess D.

    Theres no way my daughter would of let me leave her at that age if I dared leave her 5 minutes to get a shower or to go to the toilet she would scream blue murder she wanted to be glued to me at all times eating a meal let alone a hot one was a luxury they must have a placid baby in comparison

  • Natalie R.

    Jesus! Give the woman a break! She's just endured childbirth! I didn't leave my 2 purely as I didn't have childcare but give the poor lass a break! Let the happy couple celebrate their baby! Having a timeout does not make you a bad mother! I'd of done the same given half the chance. A bite to eat isn't too much! :speak_no_evil:

  • Lealanne

    2 words... Fourth. Trimester.

    A new born baby needs their mother. How on earth will she establish a strong feeding relationship if she is off doing whatever instead of caring for her infant? Baby's are meant to be held close for the first few weeks. Months even. That's what they NEED. What good reason is there to be leaving a baby before your even fully healed yourself. Disgusted. And these celebrities are the role models for the next generation of parents?? Our species is f****d.

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