Mum Slams Disgraceful Reebok Leggings

Mum Slams Disgraceful Reebok Leggings

A mum of five was "gobsmacked" to find offensive slogans printed on a pair of Reebok leggings bought online as a gift for her daughter's ninth birthday.

The words 'Not for your entertainment' were printed on the crotch while 'Don't give a f**k' could be read on the leg.

Kirsty Deal purchased the leggings as a present for her daughter's birthday but only noticed the slogans when she was removing the label so her daughter could wear them to dance class.

Mrs Deal pointed out that she could easily have bought the leggings for a younger child as they were on sale online in ages 7-8y, 9-10y and 11-12y.

According to the Sun newspaper, Reebok have apologised and pulled the leggings from sale, saying the print was not intended for use on the youth/junior range of clothing.

What are your thoughts on this story? Would you have been angry if you'd bought these leggings for your child? Do you find it difficult to buy clothing for your kids that doesn't feature inappropriate words or phrases?

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  • Chiara W.

    Hate to see little kids dressed like adults... kids should be dressed like kids....

  • Elaine T.

    Someone at Reebok should be sacked ...

    • Kirsty D.

      Reebok have yet to contact or acknowledge me at all!!

  • Christopher B.

    This is disgraceful marketing. We blame kids for having no respect and being unruly and we allow this type of crap to be sold to kids.

  • Laura W.

    Sexualising children ... should be illegal.

  • Kirsty M.

    I dread my 5 year old growing up! I'm already finding it harder to find "pretty" dresses everything is sooo grown up for girls!

    • Catherine G.

      I agree! Went shopping for my 4 year old and struggled to find anything that I liked. Way too grown up or horrible colours. I did however find some gorgeous things in mini club at boots!

    • Kirsty M.

      The only things that have stood out for me are the "little bird" range in mothercare I love the bright colours ... my daughter is developing the attitude of a 15yr old let alone dressing like one! :joy::see_no_evil: Next normally have some lovely things in but there not so nice for autumn. I'm having to buy leggings but she is a very girlie girl and will only wear dresses and tights x

    • Fiona C.

      I find h&m great for the girls (and boys), lovely dresses/skirts majority suitable for girls, my lo is 6

  • Emma W.

    I agree with the above statement The state of 'the kids of today' rests at the parents of today.

    Respect starts at home.... 'The apple rarely falls far from the tree' and all that!!!

    There is not a cat in hell's chance of my daughter being allowed to wear something like this.

  • Sam S.

    This is why I'm glad I have 2 boys!

  • Deb H.

    Omg what is the world coming to.?

  • Mandi E.

    Yes, i go shopping for my 9 year old and can't believe some of the clothes that they are selling!

  • Emma F.

    Remember the padded bikinis primark had to remove from sale. Padded bikinis for TODDLERS. Paedos paradise.

  • Tink L.

    I wouldn't let my daughter wear them but I would hahaha

  • Tink L.

    Do peoe will complain that these have offensive words on yet they let their kids walk around in mini skirts or belly tops x I swear today I saw a girl around 9 years old with shorts so short her actual arse cheeks was hanging out wtf????

  • Jeanette C.

    I know some of the stuff kids wear nowadays then they wonder why there are so many pervs about. I saw a lass last week about 13/14 with shorts and her butt hanging out no way would my little lady be allowed out the house.

  • Donna W.

    It's really bad taste why can't children be like children any more no wonder so much crap going on x

  • Sammie I.

    that really is shocking!! whoever came up with the design for these should be shot!

  • Jessie J.

    A lot of the clothes out there for young children is unacceptable. I certainly know majority of the clothes young girls wear these days I would have got a slap around the head for even thinking about dressing like that and I am only 24!!!!

  • suga_magpie07

    Far too often you see little children, girls in particular being portrayed as adults. They are making children's versions of adults clothing and thinking it is appropriate. And because it is in fashion, or the 'in thing', there are a group of mothers that feel pressurised to purchase this clothing.

    Stick to your guns. Children grow up far too quickly as it is. Children are supposed to be just that, 'CHILDREN'. I have nothing against parents who want to dress their children in adult attire, each to their own. I just don't think it should be so readily available, and thrust upon you at every corner you turn. Making it harder for you to ignore, as you have the added pressure from your children, and their peers, as well as marketing to join in with the tend.

    I for one will try to hold on to my daughters youth and innocence for as long as possible.

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