Mum Keri Morrison Defends Video Of Baby Daughter Learning To Swim

Mum Defends Video Of Baby Daughter

Keri Morrison is a mum dividing public opinion right now after sharing a video of her 6 month old baby struggling to stay afloat in a swimming pool on Facebook.

The video does make uncomfortable viewing, there's no doubt about it, but after losing her son Jake in a tragic drowning accident in 2013 when he was just two, Keri said she doesn't want her now 13-month-old daughter Josie to have to go through the same ordeal. Far from being cruel she says was teaching her daughter to "self rescue."

You can watch the video by clicking below

Oh I don't quite know what to make of this one. I think it tugs at the heart strings of most parents to see a child, especially one so young, in distress but at the same time Keri and her family have obviously been through a horrendous ordeal, one that words can't even describe and that most parents could simply not comprehend.

The video captioned "So hard to watch but every kid should learn this young," has had very mixed responses. Some viewers have applauded Keri for her parenting skills, while others felt she'd perhaps taken things a step too far.

Keri herself defended her Facebook post by saying "To me, I'm protecting her and that is what a mother is supposed to do protect her. I feel like I failed my son and I'm not going to fail my daughters." And I think that sentiment is one that will strike a chord with mothers everywhere.


  • Stefni E.

    I think it's absolutely disgusting that she left her baby for so long clearly upset . The amount of energy that would have used the poor baby wouldn't have lasted much longer. And to video it is beyond sick.

  • Natalie H.

    When you read the story about why she has done this I can see it as a good thing. Babies are in the womb for so long it would still feel natural to a point. Im not sure I would be brave enough to do this to my little one but the earlier kids can swim the better in my opinion.

  • Emma B.

    It was horrible to watch and i just wanted to help the poor baby. Would not do that to my baby

  • Marie M.

    Maybe teach them young yes but not that young. Maybe when the child can speak. I can't understand the trauma she's been through but it's obviously sent her slightly nutty.

  • Amanda O.

    I'm torn. I understand why she did it the probability of that baby drowning now is alot less and she was doing it because of what happened to her son I don't understand how her mummy senses don't go mad and instantly scoop her up out the water i dont think it's something I could do, but she's doing it for her daughters safety and it probably also helps keep her calm when the baby is in water knowing she can turn herself round and keep herself afloat

  • Sarah S.

    I opened this thinking id be upset to see a baby in distress.... However, she doesn't seem that way... A bit confused perhaps, making an effort to stay afloat, yes, but upset...? I don't think so. The little noises she makes are just the same as a baby having tummy time or learning to get up on their hands and knees on dry land!! Her little face hardly goes under the water after the initial falling in part. What a brave mum to do this. Shame on anyone who says this is cruel. Shortsighted, narrow minded people should think before they judge!

  • Eveie S.

    I hated it and it's not acceptable under any circumstances yes her son died in a tragic accident but that doesn't mean you have to do that to your baby take her to one of the thousands of water babies classes at leisure centre

  • Louise M.

    Fab idea, more should take her lead. I've seen babies in more distress doing tummy time!!!

  • Kirsty W.

    I think I just didn't like how close it was to the steps and was scared of knocking it's head if she went under but mums there to support it, not my cup of tea but I'm not one to judge another parent, we all have our own way of doing this and it splits opinions because we all parent different and this is her way.

  • Michelle S.

    Well, by some comments on here I was in two minds as to watch the video. I get teary at the ridiculous things but I don't see what all the fuss is about! The baby's head only went under at the start and she did very well to stabilise herself. As too being distressed and upset....i must be watching a different video! I cant see an upset baby.

  • Becky C.

    I did this with both my son's from 3 months. They, like this little girl, were never in any distress from it. In fact I'd go as far as to say they enjoyed it, contented gurgling and no crying or screaming. Neither this parent or I was putting our children in danger by doing this. When carrying out this type of activity it is normal to be in the water so you can get your baby as soon as is needed. Obviously it's a personal choice when to introduce "swimming " and "water safety " to your child but children drown in very shallow baths so my opinion is that it's never too early.

  • Susan S.

    Fab idea,

  • batman86

    you lost your son in an awful accident, why force this baby to do this?! You cannot make her pay for what happened, by all means teach her to swim! Allowing her to go head over in water, on the steps, recording it while she clearly is not comfortable is not kind or responsible behaviour. Things like this make me so angry, she easily could have hurt herself and as you rightly point out its your job to keep her safe. No one would find it acceptable to do this to an older child, its down right disgusting that a baby has been TRICKED to fall head first in the water.

  • Rebecca H.

    I'm not dissing her choice but if you watch you child like your supposed to as a parent than they shouldn't need to know how yo self save! If you protect your child especially around water and then they won't drown will they. What sort of person wouldn't take every precaution to keep there child safe from danger; I never turn my bk on my son unless he is somewhere safe and I don't ever take my eyes off him near water X

    • Rosie B.

      What about when they're with friends? Or family? Drowning is the third highest cause of accidental death in children, so in her eyes she is taking every precaution to keep her child safe from danger.

    • Rebecca H.

      If you can't trusts the chosen family member or friend to keep your child safe from water then why would you leave them with that person? Your child should never be that close to the risk Of drowning; it's your number 1 job as a patent; keep them safe. Teaching a baby to not drown shouldn't be necessary of your protecting them as you should.

  • Tasha L.

    Omg my stomach turned and I felt instantly sick when baby fell face down in to the water! I suppose I can sort of see why she has done it but that baby is ONLY 6 months old. Personally I certainly won't be doing that with my 5 month old!

  • Kirsteen G.

    Brilliant, good for her :blush:

  • Rosie B.

    If all babies could do this then her son wouldn't have drowned. She hasn't actually taught her daughter anything here. I absolutely 100% support teaching water safety (and in fact re trained as a baby swim instructor after having my little one) but the best, most effective way to do that is to just have some proper swim lessons. In a decent swim lesson there will be a section where the baby is on their back, there will be a section where baby learns how to turn around to the side if they fall in, there will be a section where they learn how to hold on. Nowhere in this video has she achieved any of those things.

  • Aly

    Oh get a grip. It's uncomfortable to watch but she's hardly stressed or in any danger!! It's amazing she turned onto her back. I made my son learn to lay back and do starfish shape if ever he felt scared in water or if he ever fell in but he had to understand that to do it. A little one wouldnt understand so if she can do it naturally that's a good thing!! You can all spout that your child wouldn't be unsupervised near water etc but sadly accidents happen. They could drown in a bucket, or a puddle. Learning to swim is as important as reading & writing!!  

  • Nicki M.

    And we wonder what's wrong with the world. Listen to ya self's. God help ya if anything ever happens to your kids. She's so clever. If you take your babies swimming from birth they can actually swim under water etc, is that cruel too? Give over for crying out loud. The amount of kids that can't swim these days because their parents are too lazy to teach them and then this baby shows them right up by doing this. Good on her!!

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