Maternity Clothes Staples: Everything You Need

Maternity Clothes Staples

Being pregnant is fun, lovely, frustrating all in a oner. As you grow, you may find that you need to move onto Maternity Wear as 'going up a size' just isn't working out for you.

Maternity Clothing has come on a long way since I had my first and I really enjoyed buying in my last pregnancy.

As you will only need the Maternity Clothes generally, for a maximum of a year, it's about picking right, not spending loads.

Here's our guide to what every pregnant woman needs in her wardrobe:

Bump Band: These are fantastic to have in black or white. Place them over your trousers to keep them up. You'll most likely get to a point where you have to undo your top button. Some also support the weight of the bump. I used mine for covering my bump with trousers that were 'under the bump' ones. Dorothy Perkins* tends to have them in Black and White for £5 or under.

Leggings: Oh I lived in these. What's not to love about them? Black, so you can wear them with most things, although you can get other colours. Stretchy, so you can literally grow in them without any digging in and they can be pulled up to support your bump. An all-round winner in my eyes. Mothercare are great for their twin packs of Maternity Leggings*.

Jeans: No woman can live without a pair of Jeans! The thing is, it's hard enough trying to find the perfect pair when you haven't got a bump on the front. Next have one of the largest selections of Maternity Jeans* out there.

Tops: I suggest a Maternity Vest Top, Long Sleeved Top and a Tee. You should get by with regular tops if you have a Bump Band. A good place to pick up cheap Maternity Tops that are good quality is the 'Outlet' section at Jojo Maman Bebe*.

Dress: You will get invited to nights out, weddings and other social gatherings even though you are pregnant. Shock horror! What are you going to wear? A pretty dress of course! You have a baby in your belly, you're not a frump. Have a look at Isabella Oliver* or H&M* if you want something really nice.

Underwear/Nightwear: A comfortable bra and some cool nightwear is ESSENTIAL. I kid you not, it's the difference between a woman possessed and a happy pregnant person. You can buy a Maternity Bra, but a cheaper option is to get measured and pick a good Bra without an underwire. Marks and Spencer* offer a FREE measuring service and have a cracking selection of lingerie. Debenhams are great for both Maternity Underwear and Nightwear*. Some Maternity Bras can be used for nursing too once baby comes along.

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