Mariah Carey Does Park Play With Monroe And Moroccan In A Full-Length Frock

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When it comes to motherhood, Mariah Carey really doesn't do things by halves.

The proud mother of twins, Moroccan and Monroe, posted this quirky snap of her playing in the park with her kiddos on Instagram.

So far so normal. Except Ms Carey wasn't dressed down for a day at the park, oh no, she saw fit to don a full-length frock for the occasion.

In a nod to her inappropriate attire, Mariah added the caption:

"Sinking into the rubber" reports:

"Mariah Carey’s glam side was in full swing this week when the Elusive Chanteuse wore a curve-hugging white gown to a New York City playground with twin toddlers Moroccan and Monroe."

"A photo posted to Carey’s Instagram account shows the pop superstar pushing the children on kiddie swings, her trumpet-silhouette dress accessorized with a perforated cream-color belt, black bolero shrug and lone fingerless lace glove. Carey also wore heeled platform sandals that left her “sinking into the rubber mats ... lol.”"

"Little Roe, clad in comfy Mary Janes, seemed better equipped for active play."

Hmm. I don't really know what all the fuss is about, though. I think if I were an uber-famous celeb mum, I'd refuse to wear leggings and trainers to the park, too. Why not glam it up when you can afford to have an entourage of assistants on hand to help with everything from pushing your tots on the swings so you don't break a nail, to yanking you out of the 'rubber mats' when your Louboutins get stuck fast?

Sounds pretty good to me. In fact I might even wear a single fingerless lace glove myself when we head to the park after school today...

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