Make Your Own Christmas 2015 Advent Calendar

Six home-made 2015 Advent calendar ideas

I've always wanted to be one of *those* Mums who makes adorable home-made Advent calendars every year, and I am determined that 2015 is going to be the year I finally nail it. You too? Here's all the inspiration we need.

Even a clueless, artless, haphazard mum like me could string together an awesome homemade personalised Advent calendar with these ideas to get me started...

1. Christmas Tree Advent StringDotcomgiftshop, £4.95 (Was £14.95)
The price of this cute Advent string is just FABULOUS right now. Write a bunch of festive notes or string up some cute Christmas instructions for a fun, festive family experience, and Bob's your Uncle!

2. Newsprint and Masking Tape Advent Calendar
I just love the simplicity of this one - just wrap 24 little gifts up in newspaper and brightly coloured masking tape, pop them in a basket or box and let your little one pick one gift to open each day throughout Advent. Easy!

3. Scrapbook Paper Advent Box
I completely adore this. It's as simple as could be, yet SO effective. You need a shadow box frame with 24 windows and you'll need to be a dab hand with a glue gun, for sure, but if you're in any way artsy then this should be a doddle.

4. 3D Countdown Calendar, Amazon, £15.16 (Was £39.98)
How awesome is this? Invest in this wee drawer thingy (yeah, don't ask me what the technical term is...) and you have an Advent calendar for evermore. If you're of the artsy persuasion you could even try decorating each drawer with differently coloured paper on a festive theme. And yes, that's totally beyond me.

5. Envelope Advent Calendar
Isn't this just about the coolest idea ever? The blogger behind this brilliance writes: "Over the weekend I finished this advent calendar mainly for Anya, who is 3, but also for my two step sons when they come to stay with us. Every envelope contains 3 chocolate coins plus small surprise for A. Stickers, beads, hair clips, crayons etc. I can't wait for her to start opening it. Boys are already 13 & 17 and although they didn't want to miss the chocolate, Christmas is not such a big deal for them anymore. But Anya loves it. We wrote a letter and drew a picture for Father Christmas yesterday, left it by fireplace last night and to her surprise it wasn't there this morning! It's all getting exciting again through her little eyes..." Aww.

6. Toilet Roll Advent Calendar
An Advent Calendar made out of toilet roll tubes? C'mon, what's not to love? They're cheap, affordable, and likely to be freely available! Brilliant. I know that my lads would just completely adore busting through this each day, too. Wee hooligans!

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