Back To School - 10 Fun Filled Snacks For The Lunchbox

Fun Filled Lunches

Before we know it the kids will be back to school and we will be sorting out their packed lunches again. No doubt they will be moaning "I don't like this" "yuck" and "it's boring" etc.. So I've picked some of our favourite snacks, tasty and fun style for the kid's lunch boxes next term to hopefully beat your fussy eater.

Give these a try:

Animal Snacks, because any food is 100 times tastier when it's made into an animal! I love these butterfly snack bags: fill each side with your favourite snack and then clip your funky clothes peg in the middle to make a pretty little butterfly. Get your clothes pegs and pipe cleaners at Hobbycraft*.

We are also loving this cute clementine snail. So quick and easy to do and the kids will love showing their friends!

Rainbow Fruit Bags are the best, and look so cool with lots of different tasty fruits. Strawberries, melons, kiwis, oranges, grapes and so many more to pick from. Mix it up and get all that fruit from the bowl eaten by the end of the week! Top tip: Freeze berries/grapes/bananas so when lunchtime has arrived the lunchbox is still cool and the fruit is still fresh.

These smiley muffin pizza faces are so easy to do: Just get some tomato paste, spread it on a English muffin, add your favourite toppings then pop into the oven till done. Kids will love this tasty treat when it's cooled down for the lunch box!

Handy to pop in freezer if you want to make a bulk load.

Have you seen these cool shape cutters? My son loves his sandwiches and fruit being cut into these cool shapes from Not On The High Street* and with 20% off right now they are only £9.60 so be quick.

Everyone loves peanut butter, right? Well how about dipping your juicy apple in some? It really is delicious and such a fast and simple snack to prepare.

Bored of sandwiches? We are loving these Ham & Cheese Pinwheels and these awesome Sandwiches On A Stick, such a cool simple idea and the kids absolutely love them. Top up the sticks with their favourite meats, fresh bread and some cucumbers, pickled onions and tomatoes. I will be having these for my lunch too.

How cute are these Cheese & Carrot coins? A healthy fun snack for the kids at break time, you can even get the kids to help you prepare them. Get these Teddy Bear Cutters From Ebay*.

Do your kids love Lunchables? Well now you can make your own version, check out this cool Masonables idea use an empty Dole Fruit Cup attached to a mason jar to pack crackers with a cheese/ham/tuna salad. You can reuse it again and again so you end up saving a small fortune from not buying any more lunchables!

Enjoy trying out these cool snacks, let us know if there is any other cool snacks we should try.

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  • Leanne C.

    I cant be only one who looked at grapes and thought...noooo?

    • Hari F.

      I only looked at these comments hoping to see someone agreeing with my grape horror!

  • Rosie P.

    look at these! Thought of you and your bears lol. Love the snail xx

  • Lisa K.

    Oh really?? Sod all that if kids don't like something they won't eat it, that is far too much faffing for nothing to be eaten

  • Hannah M.

    Love stuff like this!! X

  • Andrea B.

    ..check these out...if only we had the time!! Lol x

  • Lucy H.

    It's all well and good cutting the plane out but who's going to eat the leftover part of the sandwich cuz I'm sure the child will only want to eat the plane! :joy:

    • Lisa K.

      Not very encouraging to get a child to eat a decent butty before anything else in the box is it

  • Kelly F.

    Cool ideas , I shall have to try some of these for my fussy sandwich eater ... And obviously we can cut up the grapes :grin:

  • Kim S.

    Some people have too much time on their hands! For interest I will cut sandwiches into triangles instead of rectangles....that's about it!

  • Jennifer F.

    Oh no them grapes need cut

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