Lidl Launches 'Fun Size' Festive Veg For Kids

Lidl Launches Festive Veg For Kids

Persuading your kids to eat up their greens is a tricky task on any given day, but factor in the faff and effort that goes into the average Christmas Day dinner, and it's no wonder that many of us ending up fretting over what the kids will and won't eat on the big day.

Enter Lidl, to save us from Christmas Day veggie stress.

The budget store has announced that it is expanding its award-winning Oaklands Fun Size fruit and vegetable range this festive season.

The retailer says it's launching festive-themed vegetables, in response to huge customer demand for its fresh, playful produce, to help parents inspire their little ones to eat all the trimmings this Christmas.

The new items, which will be landing in stores w/c 11 December, include:

Rudolph Noses (mini red potatoes) – £0.79
Santa Sprouts (mini brussels sprouts) – £0.79
Penguin Parsnippers (baby parsnips) – £0.79
Snowman Snouts (baby carrots) – £0.79

Emma Byrne, Head of Fresh Produce at Lidl said:

“Our Oaklands Fun Size range has been a huge hit with families and we hope these new, festive additions will be equally popular. Our Penguin Parsnippers and Santa Sprouts have been designed to help convince even the fussiest of eaters that veg is something to look forward to, rather than being a battleground at mealtimes”

Since launching the new range earlier this year, Lidl says sales of its Oaklands Fun Size range have surged 100%, with parents using the products as a creative way to encourage their children to eat five a day. All products in the Oaklands Fun Size range are miniature versions of ordinary fruit and vegetable varieties. Playful names and colourful characters help make products more appealing to younger generations. A total of 16 new items have been launched in 2017 and Lidl is looking to extend the range even further next year.

The Oaklands Fun Size products available seasonally throughout this year were:
Rad-fishes £0.39
Celery Storks £0.59
Kiwi ‘Birdy’ Berries £1.49
Mini Broccoli Trees £0.99
Cauliflower Clouds £1.19
Sweet Potato Piggies £0.79
Romanesaurus Rex £1.59
Unicorn Carrots £1
Hippopotaspuds £0.79
Dragon Egg Potatoes £0.79
Pak Choi Panda’s £0.99
The Cabbage Patch £1.00
Fun size Bananas £0.85
Fun size Pears £0.95
Fun size Easy Peelers £1.05
Sweet Mini Peppers £0.95
Snack Tomatoes £1.42

We'd love to hear what you think of this. Are you already a fan of Lidl's fun fruit and veg range, and glad to hear about the festive varieties? Or are you one of *those* lucky parents whose kids happily eat all kinds of vegetables without needing to resort to these tricks? Leave us a comment here or come and join the conversation over on our Facebook page.


  • Kath R.

    we should get some for the kids xx

  • Charlotte E.

    Millie and Thomas still wouldn't haha

  • Samantha H.

    These are great,and usually when you buy 3 you get 20% off as well.

  • Jenny C.

    My kids love their veg & always have. You have to start them young & not make a big deal of it. Plenty of choice & variety is key.

    • Lucinda P.

      My kids are the same love roasts and first thing to go us the cabbage and broccoli and carrots

    • Jenny C.

      My kids write a shopping list and the 1st thing they put is their list of fruit & veg, no sweets crops or other junk. They are only 8 & 10. Makes me proud. They love a roast dinner so we have one at least 3-4 times a week at my mums.

    • Alex H.

      My daughter eats everything...treated my son exactly the same and he eats hardly any :(

    • Becca R.

      I did baby led weaning with all three of mine (now 4,3 and 1) so lots of fruit and veg from 6months old. They barely eat any now :slight_frown: better on fruit than veg but still very limited.

    • Jenny C.

      Alex Harper all kids are different. Just like adults who also have their likes & dislikes, kids are no different. We wouldn’t force an adult to eat something they don’t like, so I don’t believe we should with kids either. Just move on & try something else, blitz it in a sauce so it’s hidden but they still get the goodness etc. I hated veg as a kid & would refuse to eat it, but now I’m an adult I eat it willingly, eat veg I’ve never tried before. I just cook them different. I clearly didn’t like the way my Mum cooked them

    • Jenny C.

      Becca Riley everyone goes through food phases, even kids, they are no different to us. Just like we fancy some things over others at different times, kids do too, they just can’t communicate it. They’ll get back on track eventually.

    • Toni M.

      My eldest eats most types of veg but my youngest will only eat a few things although he's getting better. BLW with the wee one yet he is my fussy one :rolling_eyes:

  • Jenny C.

    how cute are these for Xmas dinner?

  • Joe C.

    If Santa Soup doesn't work nothing will

  • Lucy J.

    unicorn carrots! Told you! x

    • Annie K.

      Had those tonight. Very tasty!

    • Lucy J.

      I love these! The boys aren't keen x

    • Zoe B.

      Mine also turned their noses up at them!!

  • Carla S.

    Awww they’re adorable lol xxxx

  • Jane S.

    Cool, I’m doing Xmas dinner Monday. X

  • Jody M.

    Awww love these xx :kissing_heart: of

  • Jay J.

    Don't even think that will persuade Esmé to eat carrots :joy:

  • Lisa L.

    Love it! We’ve had the dinosaur broccoli thing x

  • Valerie H.

    Looks fun worth a try :christmas_tree::christmas_tree::christmas_tree:

  • Joanna R.

    I was looking at this. Kids might like! Xx

  • Jocelyn C.

    Ha ha. I can’t see her buying in to that. xxx

  • Kelly K.

    These look fab for kids x

  • Kelly M.

    All looks the same when chopped up, lol xxxxx

  • Nicola S.

    She loves a good parsnip lol x

  • Claire R.

    I no I have had the unicorn ones for Noah he likes them but doing the Xmas ones xx

  • Randeep B.

    Just seen them!!! How cute?!!

  • Magen C.

    Just seen the noses haha x

  • Claire F.

    What a great idea. Never seen these before. :heart: Lidl x

  • Jade F.

    Ohhhh I'm going to go and have a look on Thursday!! :kissing_heart: xxx

  • Hayley S.

    I still don't think Felicity would eat it :see_no_evil:

  • Julie B.

    Aww these are amazing! Lol We'll have to get some for the kiddies. They'll love them xx

  • Emma B.

    They will, Rudolph noses!! Lush xxx

  • Vicki T.

    I actually like this idea, mine aren't too bad at eating vegetables but it's fun?

  • Hannah E.

    They arnt glittery tho lol xxxx

  • Janna R.

    No sadly but defo a novelty. Sofia even ate them xxxx

  • Claire P.

    Sad that this has to be done :disappointed: Why do kids need mini veg? Won’t it just be chopped up anyway? And does this mean more plastic packaging??? :cry::cry::cry:

  • Emily H.

    lottie loves the mini cucumbers, she devoured a whole tub this afternoon :heart_eyes: x

  • Rebecca-Jayne H.

    It's is part of the broccoli/cauliflower family xx

  • Julie F.

    romanesco cauliflower. It's gorgeous. I don't like broccoli & can tolerate cauliflower but this is really nice.

  • Toni M.

    My Mammy buys me unicorn carrots :see_no_evil:

  • Joanne S.

    I already seen these and had the unicorn carrots lol

  • Lesley M.

    They’ve had the unicorn carrots in but haven’t seen the rest

  • Melissa A.

    I tend to just cut up the big veg or is that just me?!

  • Lou P.

    Brilliant idea! Well done Lidl! x

  • Jen R.

    Wow! Yes we should buy xxx

  • Claire S.

    Mine will eat them anyway but the baby carrots and cucumbers are good for snack boxes.

  • Dan S.

    Worth a shot lol, the joys of having a fuss pot x

  • Amy S.

    I love them!! Bet the boys still wouldn't eat them lol xc

  • Maxine B.

    Same here!! Aidan may take one bite!!

  • Elaine C.

    Save having to cut them up lol

  • Nicola S.

    My kids eat veg but I’d still get these cos they’re fun :blush:

  • Bethanie M.

    Might have to have a look :smile: id imagine they will sell out quick

  • Fliss D.

    Haha. My son’s not stupid, but I think they look fun.

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