Kids Made To Walk With Hands Behind Backs At School

School makes children walk with hands behind backs

'Run, don't walk!' was a cry constantly uttered by teachers when I was a kid, but a school in London has taken things a step further by demanding that kids must clasp their hands behind their backs when walking around the school.

Yes, you read that right. Here's what the Guardian has to say on the matter, which was first reported by the Camden New Journal:

A primary school is sticking to a new rule that children must walk with their hands clasped behind their backs, despite grumblings from some parents that it is too “dictatorial”.

Apparently the school has a new executive headteacher, and this idea is hers. But parents are less than thrilled by the proposal - some have even started a petition against the scheme, and the paper reports that "education chiefs" have "been alerted to unrest at the school gates".

Unrest at the school gates, indeed. That's a polite description for what I'd be kicking up if anyone tried implementing a scheme like this at the school which my kids attend. I just can't see the point.

What with teachers confiscating food from children's lunch boxes, an Ofsted chief suggesting headteachers should fine feckless parents and kids being sent home from school for wearing the wrong trousers, I am beginning to wonder if some schools aren't focusing too much on trying to run children's lives - and not enough on educating them.

The Playpennies team were just chatting about this over our post-bedtime-routine tea-break, and none of us are fans of the idea. (That's putting it nicely.) I was reminded during the course of our debate that when I was in primary school we were made to sit with our fingers over our lips to prevent us from chatting. Something about that memory makes me shudder - I hated that feeling of constraint when I was a kid, and as an adult I hate the concept of putting kids in their place like that even more.

What's your view? How would you feel if your child's primary school insisted that children clasp their hands behind their backs when walking down the corridor? We'd love to hear your thoughts over on our Facebook page. Is it something you'd consider changing schools over?


  • Rachyx
    I would be livid if my children's primary school brought this in. Sounds like the job has gone to her head too much to think she has all the power in the world to control and dictate to these small children that are there for help, develop skills and an education to build great minds. Someone needs to knock her down a peg or two
  • fabstubbs
    children use their arms for balance. if a child trips with hands behind back could be quite dangerous. this woman is ridiculous

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