How To Sort Out Your Life Using Social Media And Apps

How To Sort Out Your Life Using Social Media

It's 8am on a Monday morning. You've ran out of coffee, the kids are reminding you that today is 'special assembly day' and you have just received a text from your best friend Jenny asking why she didn't get a birthday card from you, yesterday. Oh bollocks!

Life is hectic for many of us, most of the time. With so much going on you can feel like your constantly missing dates, not keeping up or drowning in information to remember.

The thing is, we are living in an age where we have technology and knowledge (Google) at our fingertips. So, we can set reminders on our phone - tried that, and it soon died a death. Use the good old Filofax and Pen - nah, it's never to hand when I need it. For some, those may work, but for me I need something more to kick me up the ass.

I spend a lot of time on Facebook and other Social Media sites, for work and leisure. It got me thinking how organised can I be, by utilising apps and sites?


Missed a direct debit? Get your financial affairs in order with this Spending Tracker (MH Riley) on Apple App Store. This nifty app let's you budget to the last pence. If you are wanting to save money then this can help you work out what you can afford to put away. Enter your monthly income and each transaction you make, to analyse where your £££'s are going each month. Don't forget that most banks offer Apps now, so you can keep a beady eye on that joint account.


How many times have you forgotten a birthday? Download the Funky Pigeon* or Moonpig* app. Not only will it remind you that a birthday is coming up, but you can design and create your own personalised greetings cards. They need never know you did it on the No.3 bus to Oxford Street.

Day to Day Appointments & Tasks

You know the drill, it's 3pm and you come off work early because Charlie's got a dentist appointment at 3.30. You've done well to remember that, but it's not until you sit down at the dinner table, that you have a niggling feeling that your next smear is due. That's right, last Thursday! Just don't forget to ring the health centre in the morning to apologise and reschedule.

What you need is Cozi in your life. It's really easy to use, everything's colour coded and it allows you to literally plan every hour of your day, if need be. What is great about this app, is that the whole family can access the account using a shared password. Each member has their own colour, so you can see at a glance who has what and when.

Set chores for the kids, write the shopping list for hubby to get on the way home from work - this is so much more than a calendar. Whilst this is a FREE app, you can benefit from extra features when you pay in app.

Another tip is to do online shopping on your phone with a supermarket* app!


Wedding Planning can be made so much simpler, using Set a budget and be on your way to some wedding planning fun. The chat with Concierge feature is pretty awesome too. Pinterest is also so valuable for collecting ideas. Seriously, you can find some pretty awesome stuff on there from seat covers to flowers to 'the dress'.


The most important thing when trying to further your career is getting your name out there. You will not find a more effective way to do that than LinkedIn. It's the place to build up a network and get your foot in the door. The key is to sell yourself - put as much information on there as possible and you may find that opportunities are arising that may never have done before.

If you're a nightmare at keeping important files and documents safe then keep digital copies on Dropbox. As it's not saved to a set device, you can access it anywhere. My husband and I use it a lot for the boring paperwork that being an adult requires. Both of us can get to it, whenever or wherever we are.

Diet and Exercise

Any excuse and I am off the 'Diet'. Every Monday is a fresh start and all that. I promise to be good. Dieting sucks, end of, but you can make your life easier with the likes of My Fitness Pal to keep track of the food you're eating and the exercise you're doing.


Planning journeys in major cities is a cinch with the app. If you wish to get directions at the drop of a hat then I swear by, 'ye old faithful' Google Maps. One of the most useful apps you could have on your phone.

Parties and Events

When you have a party, it can be hard to keep track of texts, phone calls etc. Save yourself masses of stress and create and event on Facebook. Most people use it nowadays so chances are your guest list can be invited on there. It makes it much easier to see who can make it and who can't come.

If you are having a kids party, you can set up a page or chat to share photos. It means you get to spread the happiness without any stress. I am telling you, Facebook is one of the most convenient ways to organise anything - baby showers, birthday parties,Christmas dos, hen nights and so on.

Money Saving

You won't find an app more helpful than our very own PlayPennies App. By using it you can save yourself a fortune on everyday costs and on those expensive celebrations like Birthdays and Christmas.

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