Holly Willoughby Tweets Naked Baby Bump Selfie

Holly Willoughby


We've had the selfies craze, we've been bombarded by celebrity mums posting pictures online of themselves breastfeeding their babies, and now it seems the new 'thing' is to post selfies of your baby bump.

Holly Willoughby, who is expecting her third baby with husband Dan Baldwin later this year, took to her Twitter page to share the snap above. Alongside her baby selfie, the This Morning presenter wrote:

"Bump is loving a lazy Sunday morning, nothing like coming home to your own bed after you've been away #bliss x"

Now I don't know about you but what really captured my attention in Holly's pic is her glorious hotel-grade bedlinen and those Pinterest-worthy white wooden blinds. I barely even noticed that there was a semi-naked bump in the pic, so busy was I drooling over the quiet calm of her boudoir. And wondering why my white sheets always end up a strange shade of grey and splattered all over with curious child-related stains and splodges. Sigh.

I also felt a little jealous that Holly's night attire seems to be little more than a squirt of Chanel No. 5, Marilyn Monroe style. How glamorous.

Anyway, what do you make of the whole bump selfie thing? Have you shared pics of your bump online, or are you of the opinion that baby bumps should be kept firmly under wraps, not plastered all over the internet for all and sundry to ogle at?

I did take a few bump selfies when I was pregnant last year but I only shared them online if I was fully dressed. Not that I took a lot of scantily-clad bump selfies, I hasten to add.

I don't know... call me a prude (I dare you) but I think we've all got over-sharing overload and should probably calm down with the whole taking-selfies-to-new-extremes thing. What's next, selfies while you're answering the call of nature?! God forbid...

What do you think?

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