Guess Which Disney Movie Prompted Emily Blunt To Give Birth?!

Emily Blunt

If you have children of a certain age, chances are you know all the words to *that* song from the Disney movie, Frozen.

Heck, you've probably even uploaded your own video to YouTube of your little one belting it out.

But here's a story to trump all that; Emily Blunt reckons the song caused her to go into labour.

The actress gave birth to her first child - a little girl - nine months ago, and went into labour within 24 hours of watching Frozen at the cinema.

According to the Daily Mail, Emily recently revealed all this to E! News.

The paper reports:

"Speaking to E! News, Emily said: 'I saw Frozen the day before I had my daughter. Isn't that crazy? There was nothing on and I was like, "Do you think this will be good?," and John indulged me and we went to see it.'

Discussing the film's famous theme song, Let It Go, Emily quipped: 'I was like, "I'm about to. I'm literally about to let it go."'

So you know what I'm going to ask next. Did you go into labour whilst watching Frozen? Or indeed shortly after watching any other famous family films? Did Let It Go encourage you to let it it go? If so, we'd love to hear a-l-l about it over on our Facebook page...

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