Fortnite Tips: The Ultimate Guide

Fortnite Tips

We know you're obsessed and your kids are even worse. Feed that addiction with our Fortnite Tips: The Ultimate Guide for Battle Royale.

  • When shot at, instantly build cover around you - your instinct might tell you to look to see where the shot came from, BUT protect yourself first.
  • Wait until your enemy is in the building process before rushing bases - use the same material as they are and they won't be able to hear you coming.
  • Keep moving. Zig Zag, jump around, pace, and you'll end up with a much higher ability of survival.
  • Crouch when shooting for an increased accuracy - much better chance of hitting your target.
  • Take the high ground - being above your enemies puts you at an instant advantage. It makes it harder for enemies to hit you, and increases your visibility.
  • Stealing Weapons from other player's chests: Let the player in front of you open the chest and swiftly hit the pick up button to snag the weapons first.
  • Shoot through enemies builds as they are creating them - this is when they are at their weakest and allows you get some poke damage in, thus leading to an easy kill.
  • Good uses for the SMG: Destroying enemy bases, and causing panic, shooting down supply drops and mowing down people across the map.
  • Protect yourself from enemies to the max by making Zig Zag bases.
  • Put Spikes on the Ceilings, Doors and Walls to make some really awesome Trap Kills happen.

Keep checking back as well add more and more Fortnite Hints and Tips.


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