Beach Hacks, Tips And Tricks

Beach Hacks, Tips And Tricks

Going to the beach is supposed to be fun and more importantly, it's meant to be relaxing. If you have had the pleasure of visiting your local seaside with the kids in tow, you may have discovered that it doesn't quite pan out the way you thought it would. Avoid frayed tempers and fall-outs with our Five Top Hacks For Days At The Beach.

Hack ONE - Take A Paddling Pool With You

As if you haven't got enough crap to drag along with you, right? Take my word for it, a Paddling Pool folds flat and isn't a bother to set up. It's great for filling up with sea water and letting little ones, that are too young to venture into the open water, splash about. The kids can have fun in a safe environment right by your side, plus it'll keep 'em cool.

Hack TWO - Hide Your Valuables In A Nappy

No we haven't lost the plot. Think about this... who in their right mind is going to sift through what looks to be a dirty nappy in the hope they find some money? NO-ONE!

Hack THREE - Use A Bed Sheet To Keep The Sand Out

Nobody likes to chow down on food full of sand, so sometimes it's nice to have a space where you can escape the grainy stuff. It's also great for babies as playing at the beach when you are just little can be dangerous. There are broken shells, seaweed to chew on and God forbid, sometimes there are jellyfish too.

Hack FOUR - Keep Your Phone Safe With a Ziplock Sandwich Bag

My iPhone and I have a turbulent relationship. If ever there was a way for it to get damaged or ruined it will happen. At least I know how to keep the sand and sea off of it when I'm down the beach... a Sandwich Bag. You know the ones with the 'ziplock' fastening. HAHA, sea and sand, I am the winner here!

Hack FIVE - Get Sand Off Easily With Baby Powder

Oh. My. God. How irritating is it trying to get dressed or worse still, trying to put clothes on the kids when have half of the beach is stuck on you? The solution is simple my friends - good old Baby Talcum Powder* will see that scratchy stuff away and will have you smelling brand new.

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  • Lotty

    The talcum powder trick I had seen online before and finally used the tip last weekend and it worked. 

    I was amazed i will deffo take a bottle with me everytime we go to the beach. My 5 year old daughter even commented about how soft and smooth her hands felt after using the powder to get the sand off. They did feel silky smooth. Fantastic tip and would recommend!!