Emma Thompson And Greg Wise Opt To Home-Educate Daughter Gaia

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Home-educating your kids. Is home-schooling something you do, or would consider?

How about removing your child from school in order to have them taught at home by private tutors?

I've generally assumed that parents who home-school just choose to do so from the get-go, but what if your teenage school-goer decides that school isn't really for them?

That reportedly happened  to actress Emma Thompson and her husband Greg Wise, who have consequently chosen to take their 15-year-old daughter, Gaia, out of school. But rather than teaching her themselves they've built a school-room at the end of their garden in North London, where tutors will oversee their daughter's education.

The Telegraph newspaper reports:

Emma Thompson and her husband Greg Wise have withdrawn their 15-year-old daughter from school and begun educating her at home. 

Mr Wise, who starred in Sense and Sensibility, said their daughter Gaia had decided shortly before her GCSEs that school “wasn’t for her”. 

He said: “She loves learning and she’s terribly focused and hardworking, but she didn’t like the sausage factory of formal education. I’ve no argument with that.”

I must admit I love the sound of a school room at the end of the garden, but I'm not sure I would be inclined to go to such great lengths only to arrange for private tuition. If my kids were going to learn at home, I think I'd rather be the one to teach them.

That said, I can barely handle supervising homework for my ten year old, never mind the prospect of steering a 15-year-old through GCSE's!

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  • teknicha
    I think homeschooling is a wonderful idea. With the online classes today you can have the best teacher in a subject rather than the teacher you just happened to be assigned. Digital learning enables the student to go at their own pace and accelerate as it sounds like Emma's daughter will be doing. If you have a very intelligent child the monotony of school can be boring. I'm sure she will continue getting top grades without all the busy work of school.

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