Drew Barrymore (AKA Mother Of Dragons) Shares First Pic Of Baby Frankie

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I am a pretty big fan of Drew Barrymore but her latest snap, posted to her Twitter account, has me practically in the grip of a girl crush.

I mean just look at her - holding her babies, looking like a normal mum instead of a half-dressed celeb mama with more interest in her own abs - and wearing a T-shirt that says 'Mother of Dragons' - pretty freaking awesome. As selfies go, I reckon this one raises the bar quite substantially.

Parentdish reports:

"Drew Barrymore has released the first photo of her month-old daughter Frankie - and it's a bit different from the traditional 'celebrity baby' shoot."

"We haven't seen a sign of Frankie since she was born last month, but today Drew finally gave us a gorgeous snap of herself holding a sleepy Frankie and big sister Olive, 20 months, her two daughters with husband Will Kopelman."

"But of course, Drew, who is well known for her quirky antics, put her own unique spin on motherhood. She introduced Olive with a soft-focus magazine cover portrait back in 2012. This time she showed off baby Frankie while wearing a T-shirt with the slogan 'Mother of Dragons'."

But best of all, it's not just a natty tee - it's a promotion for a good cause. Check out Foster where you can get one of your own! All proceeds go towards creating employment opportunities for foster kids in LA.

Strong work, Drew.

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