Drayton Manor Theme Park Appoints Nine Year Old Kid Concierge

Child Hotel Concierge Noah Reeves-Walters serves customers at the Drayton Manor Hotel

If you're venturing to Drayton Manor Theme Park during the half term holidays, you'll be in for quite a surprise. An unusually resourceful nine-year old has landed a plum role as the UK's first child hotel concierge.

Nine-year-old Noah Reeves-Walters, from Kidderminster, will be on hand to  answer questions and assist younger guests with their visit to the theme park on selected dates between 25th – 29th May.

Noah will help answer any unusual questions children may have - whether that's where to get the best ice cream in the park, what to eat to stop feeling sick on rides or even where to sit on Stormforce 10 for the best soaking. He'll also be sharing his knowledge of a bunch of fun facts about Drayton Manor Theme Park.

In the run up to Noah’s arrival, staff at the Drayton Manor Hotel have been asking children what is important to them during their visit and the crucial issues of the day have varied from the wobbliness of the restaurant’s jelly to the bubbliness of the bubble bath.

Questions have been flooding in from children of all ages, some as young as two, and include: How many rooms are there in the hotel? How bouncy are the beds? What colour are the Thomas & Friends™ rooms? What are the best sweets in the shop in Thomas Land™? How chunky are the chips? What desserts do they have in the restaurant? How fast does Ben 10 go? Do I have to go upside down? Which ride should I go to first so I don’t have to queue for ages? What’s the best new ride in Thomas Land? Is there any candy floss in the park? Where sells the best ice cream? What animals do they have in the zoo?

Martin Wright, general manager of the Drayton Manor Hotel, said: “When Noah and his family contacted us with the idea of him being our child hotel concierge, we jumped at the chance.”

If you're heading to Drayton Manor Theme Park, do let us know if you run in to Noah.

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