Douglas Carswell's 5 Year Old Daughter Tweets 'Come Play Hello Kitty With Me' To His Followers... #Awkward

Douglas Carswell + Hello Kitty

Here's a cautionary tale about letting your kids loose with technology.

The UKIP MP Douglas Carswell had some explaining to do after his five year old daughter managed to send a tweet from his iPad which said:

"Come play Hello Kitty World with me."

The tweet was seen by Carswell's 28,000 followers and soon caused quite the furore.

He followed that tweet up an hour later, by adding:

"That's the last time I leave the five year old in charge of the iPad".

Whoopsie. And let's hope he's learned his lesson about entrusting a small child with a clever piece of technology, apparently unsupervised!

Has anything similar ever happened to you? My nine-year-old once sent a cheeky email to one of my clients, which he'd intended to send to his Father. Yeah. Similarly awkward. Let's just say that's definitely the last time he'll ever make that mistake.

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