Crafty Christmas Gifts For Teachers

Home-made Christmas gifts ideas

Every year it's the same - Christmas gifts for teachers cause no end of stress in my house. That is, until the year I decided to keep things really simple and just make personalised crafty Christmas gift for my kids' teachers instead of scouting the shops for affordable gift ideas.

So to spare you the stress and drama of figuring out what to give your children's teachers for Christmas, I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite crafty Christmas gifts for teachers. You're welcome!

Last Christmas we made this Chocolate Brownie Mix In A Jar for each of my kids' teachers, and it was spectacularly well received. Frotunately we had most of the ingredients in our kitchen cupboards, so it barely cost a thing.

All we really had to pop to the shops for were the chocolate drops, which we picked up for 80p per packet in Asda (we used two packets per jar). We also bought Kilner jars but found them for a seriously affordable £2.99 at Dunelm (standard delivery is £3.95 or you can click to reserve online and collect in store without paying any delivery charge ). I'm sure you can get them even more cheaply if you rummage around online for a good bulk-buy deal, and I am reliably informed that some pound shops sell similar glass jars for just 99p.

As you can see from the pic, this made for a pretty cool looking Christmas gift for the teachers, and the whole thing cost less than £4! To get the instructions and make this for yourself just click on the link and then simply layer each ingredient in the jar.

You can also print out a little label to let your lucky recipient know what to do with the ingredients. (They'll need to add 150g of melted butter and three beaten eggs, so I considered making a Christmas hamper and including a snazzy little silicone baking tin with a colour co-ordinated mixing spoon plus some eggs and a packet of butter.

I also love these ideas or crafty Christmas gifts for teachers:

M&M Brownies in a Jar - these look so fun and festive!

Chex Mix in a Jar - Chex Mix is a Stateside thing but I love this general idea.

My kids' teachers deserve lemon bon-bon infused vodka for Christmas.

How about a home-made pedicure kit for cute 'Mistle-TOES'?

After all that, my lads' school has requested that parents refrain from giving Christmas gifts to teachers this year, so we won't be making any of these glorious crafty Christmas gifts for teachers, but if we were I'd totally be rocking the Chocolate Brownie Mix In A Jar just one more time.

How about you? We'd love to hear all about the gifts you plan to give to your kiddos' teachers this Christmas. Come and tell us all about them over on our Facebook page.

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