Asda Launches A GIANT Caterpillar Cake Called Colossal Clyde!

Forget Colin you NEED Colossal Clyde!
Asda Launches A GIANT Caterpillar Cake Called Colossal Clyde!

It's a rule of thumb that if it's your birthday you MUST have a Caterpillar Cake! It doesn't matter if you're 3 or 83, it's a must have! Well hold on to your hats as Asda are set to launch a GIANT caterpillar cake! And guess what he's called... Colossal Clyde!

Colossal Clyde is exactly the same as the regular Clyde the Caterpillar Cake but he is twice the size! The supermarket’s new cake serves 24 people and is a whopping 45cm long!

Perfect for bigger parties or just for the greedier peeps among us! The best part is that the cake is only £12, making it a bargain 50p per slice. It's fantastic value for money.

The giant caterpillar will be coated in milk chocolate and topped with bright and edible decorations.

Sarah Burns, Asda’s bakery expert said: "As well as being a fun novelty cake, Colossal Clyde is great value for money for our customers.

"There has been an increasing demand for supersized and extraordinary products recently and we’re happy to be at the forefront of quirky thinking and showstopping products that our customers love."

Colossal Clyde isn't available to buy until April so keep your eyes peeled.


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  • Jenny W.

    this can be for 61 plus 1 bday haha x x

    • Cheryl O.

      Omg first year we’ve never had one! :weary:

      • Kate O.

        Sam cawth, Louisa needs this!:grin:x

        • Tania G.

          I could get us one for Friday. :wink::joy:

          • Gr A.

            Need to keep up those calories to feed Brodie :wink::wink: