Amy Childs Criticised For Weaning At 4 Months

Amy Childs Starts Weaning At 4 Months

New mum Amy Childs has been criticised for weaning her baby at four months.

Current Department of Health guidelines advise against feeding babies anything other than breastmilk or formula milk until they are around six months (26 weeks) old, in order to allow their digestive systems time to mature.

The NHS website states:

'Research shows babies can get all the nutrients they need from breast milk or infant formula until they are around six months old. Waiting till then gives their digestive system time to develop fully so it can cope with solid foods.'

Amy shared on Instagram:

‘Ok girls so here goes!!! Can't believe Polly is now 4 months where does the time go, right so I'm going to put Polly on baby rice, she seems to be getting so hungry. I was feeding her every 4 hours and now she is waking up in between wanting more food! I don't know why but I still think she is so small to be having baby rice but I'm going to give it a try.'

She added that other mums had told her not to wait until six months to introduce solid food, and asked her followers whether they had felt nervous about weaning.

Amy's post sparked debate, with one Instagram user urging Amy to increase her daughter's milk intake instead of starting her on solids. She wrote: 'Really no need for food yet... She's still really young. If you really must give her food, avoid baby rice, absolutely no nutritional value!'

Another mum added: 'Others who are shaming a mum for making a decision for her child should keep their opinions to themselves.... because it wasn't okay for your child doesn't mean it isn't okay for another.... I have two healthy children and both were weaned at 12 weeks but that was for their own health benefit... if you want to judge other people's parenting then start with yourself.... always be kind.'

Current UK advice to wean at around six months was introduced in 2003. However some baby food products, including the one pictured by Amy Childs on Instagram, are labelled as being suitable from 4-6 months. Prior to 2003, four months was the recommended age for weaning babies.

Some signs that your baby might be ready for solids include being able to sit up with support, being able to pick up food and place it in her mouth by herself, as well as the ability to swallow food with ease. Contrary to popular opinion, increased waking at night is not a sign that your baby is ready to start solids.

Always speak to your health visitor for advice about when to wean your baby.

What's your view? Were you nervous about introducing your baby to solids?


  • Vickie H.

    It's not ever changing. They've been the same for the last 20 years.

    • Claire C.

      it have changed alot. Things i was told to do when my 15 year old was born are completely different to when my youngest was born. X

    • Samantha M.

      Yes it is ever changing my oldest 3 were weaned at 4 months n they are 12 8 7 n the health visiter helped me wean them, then I weaned my 2 year old at 4 months and was told out of the blue I wasn't supposed to do it till 6 months by her health visitor, so yes it's changed

    • Vickie H.

      Something's have yeah, there's been changes since I had my first 7 years ago. But I mean the weaning guidelines have been 6 months for at least 20 years now x

    • Karen H.

      Weaning used to be from 3 months twenty years ago

    • Claire C.

      They were 4 months tbh with you. I got 15, 12 , 8 & 3 year old. But my youngest i was also told to do it at 6 months instead of 4 months.x

    • Helen S.

      Vickie Hairsine no they haven't. My eldest is 16 and my twins are 14 and was told to wean at 4 months

    • Kirsten F.

      I weaned my 7yr old with the help on my hv at 4 months

    • Kirst H.

      Weened my first daughter At 4 months she is now 18 years old it was 4 months in 1999 my now 5 month little girl we started weaning at 41/2 months as she is mimicking eating and when we eat she gets upset that nothing is going in her mouth she sits up right no gagging no puking no problems with tummy or poo's just a very happy content Fed little baby. my baby I know what she wants and what's best no 2 kids are the same that goes for they're insides too

    • Kirsty M.

      It was 4 months 8 years ago and 6 month with my younger 2 s

  • Gemma S.

    I was weaned abt that age. Its up to the baby and the mama got nothing to do with anyone else

  • Diane F.

    It all ways used to be from 4 months, my child was 9 weeks old and milk wasn't enough!!! You know your own child well enough to know what they need!!!! I feel so sorry for any body raising child in the public eye. Every move get scrutinised!! Amy is first time mum looking for reassurance not to be condemned

  • Kari-Ann D.

    got sod all to do with anyone

  • Gill H.

    Maybe the baby food companies should be slammed for having from 4 months on their packaging!?! Each to their own I say, not every child is the same, it used to be 4 months as recent as 2005 when my nephew was born and he's happy healthy never sick a day in his life, I was advised to wean my youngest early by a dietician as she had stomach probs in 2014 so at the end if the day every child and every situation is different

    • Mandy G.

      2005 guidance was 6 months, or that's what all my baby books from my oldest said.

  • Mandy F.

    It's no ones business :rage: as a mum she knows if her baby is ready . I weaned both mine at 4 months old as I knew it was right for them . They are called guide lines :thinking: P

    • Vicki S.

      Same here both at four months both happy healthy children

    • Ashleigh G.

      3 1/2 months my eldest, my youngest wasn't ready until 9 months, every child is different x

  • Jody M.

    More do gooders and perfect t parents jumping in the bandwagon... you do what's right for you... I started weaning my boy at 12 weeks and my girl at 16 weeks both absolutely fine, my boy eats anything and everything and my girl is now 6m and on 3 meals a day, both healthy and eating a vast variety of food... people are to quick to give their opinion

  • Rachael O.

    I was weaned at 8 weeks as I would drink a whole 11oz of milk. Their is no right or wrong way of feeding your child!

    • Rachael O.

      Both my daughter's had to be weaned at 4 months milk wouldn't satisfy them even breast milk didn't touch the sides. We're just greedy lol

  • Emma G.

    I got nine children all of them four months but one was reflux so 2 months rice only

  • Elizabeth F.

    Totally down to what baby wants as long as they're still having little girl began about 5 Months and my little boy about 4.5 Months. Both always been thriving and are fine! Back in the day, used to wean around 3-4 Months......who cares as long as baby is healthy, happy and still having the guideline amount of milk :grin: x

  • Suzanne S.

    I was advised to put my baby onto stage 2 formula at the health visitor. He was born weighing 10lb 3oz, so first stage wasnt satisfying him. She said he will definitely need weaned early, try and push it to 17 weeks before you begin. Tried at 17 weeks... he was having none of it. Tried again at 6 months, and he loved it. Now 10months and eats everything in sight. Each to their own I guess. As long as baby is coping with it, why not?

  • Zoe R.

    I weaned all 3 of my girls at 4 months, you know what's right for your babies.

  • Stacy J.

    My daughter was 12 weeks. That's what it was then. Parents know their own children. No one else's business.

  • Jenny P.

    I had twins and one was weaned at 4 months (on advice of health professionals) the other at 6 months. Each child and situation is different.

  • Kate H.

    I'm so bloody sick of people getting on their high bloody horses over stuff like this!!! WHO CARES what another mum does, she is doing what she thinks is right, she isn't harming her child. Guidelines are exactly that, guidelines. They aren't THE RULES set out by the parent almighty. Stop being twats to each other. Being a parent is bloody tough enough!

    • Bernice T.

      :thumbsup::ok_hand::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands: thank you!! #mumlife

    • Alice B.

      This!!!! Can i say amen and i bloody love you for this amazing commemt!!!!! Ive had so much crap gor weaning at 3 months because she was so very ready it was unreal!! Was doing everything the guidlines said to wait for!!

  • Sarah D.

    As long as the babies getting fed and it's baby food what is the problem? Nothing to do with anyone else and their opinion shouldn't matter

  • Jenni A.

    Posts like this really grate on me. This is going on the assumption that every baby is the same and will all want more at that age, it's bloody ridiculous, not every baby is the same and every baby has different needs at different ages. No one knows a baby better then it's own mum or dad.

  • Louise P.

    My 4 all had baby rice at 4 months and they're absolutely fine. 14, 12, 8 & 6 and still alive!!

  • Diane B.

    It's personal choice! My son was weaned at 4 months as that was guidelines when he was born 14yrs ago my daughter is 20 months and was weaned by 5 months and thriving x

  • Nic M.

    4 months is a marketing ploy. More goodness in milk than baby rice or stewed apples. And people wonder why we have so many food allergies nowadays. Poor babies.

  • Lindsay T.

    Tbh I weaned my 2nd at 4months. I didn't want to she was my youngest and my.last and I wanted her to stay little forever. I wanted to try baby led weaning at no earlier than 6 months. My little girl had other ideas she was hungry all the time we were at 9oz bottles at 3 months and they just wouldn't satisfy her. She had horrible colic as she was ingesting so much liquid. My health visitor unofficially told me to try her on baby rice. She was instantly more satisfied and the colic vanished. She's now 2 and doesn't appear to have had any problems from weaning "early" x

  • Lauren S.

    I was weaned at 3 months (like most of us probably were) and I have IBS :grimacing::grimacing:

  • Ann B.

    Oh my days blah blah ... Let her get on with it. More bad things in this world to worry about..Ive had 4 children and all mine were ready to wean at 4 months and my eldest shes 15 years and my youngest is 15 mths and they are all fine. The government change the guildlines as and when they feel need to. As a mother you know when your babys ready to wean . x

  • Tricia W.

    My son was a very hungry baby and got baby rice from about 12 weeks he was still getting all his milk. His younger brother didn't need it as young so was closer to the six months. It's her kid she knows what it needs.

    • Jenny H.

      I had the same with my kids, my son was a big baby and needed the food from 16 weeks, my daughter on the other hand wasn't even ready at 6 months!

    • Tricia W.

      I had tried feeding himself but it was like water he was a hungry monkey he was on a tub and a half of formula and baby rice. He is a healthy cheeky 8 year old now :relaxed::relaxed:

  • Emily B.

    Iv got 3 qnd was all weaning by 3 months x

  • Nichola W.

    Maybe, just maybe, people should not judge other parents and their decisions. What a novel idea it would be if we just mind our own buisiness, be concerned about our own kids and be respectful to eachother. This is from a mummy who tried to BF and it didn't work for us for lots of reasons. My bottle fed baby who was weaned with homemade food at 4 months is now a big healthy, smart 10 year old. Being bottle fed didn't make her spontaneously combust, she didn't turn into a gremlin after midnight and she isn't the village idiot.

  • Yvonne G.

    Your child, your choice! It's ok taking advice but you don't need to follow what everyone else is doing!

  • Susan T.

    Its nobody elses business what she does with her baby. Each child is different and developes at different rates. Its not a case if one size fits all. Im getting a bit hacked off with postings like this which create an environment to judge others and set parents against each other.

  • Jessica T.

    Surely it's nobodys business? Every baby and parent are different, I weaned my first at 4 months, my second I held of aslong as possible and done baby led weaning.. My third is now 3 months, when the time comes I'll know which I'll do!

    And for the record my first born is now 13 and very healthy, never poorly and the most amazing eater. My second forever having infection and eats a max of 12 different items!

    All 3 were bottle fed too.. Because that was my choice! Sometimes people need to keep opinions to themselves

  • Mandy G.

    Of all the foods why baby rice? It's empty wallpaper paste, has no nutritional value what so ever. Breast, bottle or combo, whatever works but at least give something that has beneficial nutrients. Avocado, lightly steam carrots or even like my youngest chicken.

  • Arlene R.

    Fed is best for it child. And you no what's best for ur child...they r all different...u as their parent decides what's best!

  • Anna B.

    Mumas should be supporting each other not knocking each other down!

  • Sarah H.

    Back 12-16 years ago it was 4months weaning ... had my youngest 2 1/2 years ago and it had changed so much .. with how to make bottles and weaning ... I stuck to how I did it 1st time round 16years ago ,.. made the whole days bottles and weaned at 4months ... sod all this baby lean weaning and making bottles fresh my 4 older children. Ranging between 16 and 12 are healthy doing it the old why . Why keep changing things .

  • Jayda P.

    Use to be 4 months nothing wrong with it I work in nurserys and often the children who wean later are fussy and don't like to eat all depends on your child when I had my daughter at 14 years ago at the hospital they taught me to make ur bottles up put them in the fridge to warm up when needed now they say do it fresh there always changing it I believe you know your child :baby_tone3:

  • Ellen M.

    It's hard enough being a new parent and constantly worrying if you're doing a good enough job or not without people judging you on what decisions you make. Leave people to parent their child how they see fit! :imp:

  • Julie K.

    I weaned my youngest early. Poor kid was starving. He was 10lb 8 1/2 at birth. He's now 6ft 6+ at 15 years old, size 13 adult shoe & doing fine tyvm.

    • Julie K.

      Oh & all mine have been raised on Aptamil.......

  • Natasha C.

    Both of my children suffered awful reflux as babies, both on strong mediation. We were told to wean both of them by dietician and paediatricians. They are both fine! Happy eaters and happy children. People need to get off their bloody high horses! Piss off and leave others alone and stop shaming!!

  • Heather B.

    16 years ago guidelines were 4 months, started weaning my baby at 3 months, 6 years ago it was 6 months and started weaning baby at 5 months. Both happy and healthy kids, enough with the shaming, and yes we all know breast is best.

  • Kimberley C.

    As long as your child is fed, happy and loved that's all that matters

  • Kelly N.

    My eldest was 11 weeks when she was weaned my 2nd was 12 weeks and my 3rd was 18 weeks. It was what was right for each of them at the time go with the child an your instincts not what the label says you know your own child best

  • Claire B.

    Im sorry but who is Amy Childs? And does anyone really care???

    • Claire B.

      Phew....i'm not alone.....:joy::joy::joy::joy:

    • Samantha J.

      She's a reality tv star from towie x

  • Sarah S.

    Your baby, your business! Unless you are doing something illegal and abusive I don't care!

  • Hayley J.

    Weaned both mine at 4 months, both had cows milk before 12 months. Happy, healthy children. What's the problem??

  • Dawn R.

    Both my hungry boys weaned at 4 months, now nearly 15 and 16 and they are big strapping lads that tower above me with size 11 feet... they still eat non stop! Perfectly healthy and both still drink loads of milk. Just to throw it out there, the one lad has only ever needed antibiotics due to illness twice in his 15 years and he was both bottle fed and weaned at 4 months :flushed::flushed: shock horror! Be led by your instincts and your baby, and do whatever is right for YOU :ok_hand_tone1::ok_hand_tone1:

  • Shell C.

    I've learnt My baby My way Your opinion My life I do what's best for me and mine no one else's :)

  • Ashley T.

    My son had reflux and we weaned him at on the old, best thing we ever didn't.. every child is different and remember they are just guidelines

  • Theresa W.

    My 2 kids ( now 35 & 32 yrs old) were both weaned at 4 months and have grown up absolutely fine.

  • Jade S.

    There's various reasons why parents may need to wean their baby early. Not every child is text book. My first child couldn't keep milk down, so we we weaned early. It was the best thing for her and she began gaining weight at a better rate. My son combination feeds and is gaining well. He's 4 months old and I'll be aiming for 6 months for weaning. I don't know why people need to be so judgemental!

  • Stephanie K.

    You are a know, what's best for mum is best for baby...and before you slate me I breastfed for a long time...because I wanted to and I was lucky enough to be able to. But for some mums bottle feeding is not just an easier choice. ...but a happier one. Surely it makes sense that a baby that has a happier mum will be a more well rounded baby, and happier as a result. Babies are passed everything through breastfeeding, if mummy is overly stressed those hormones go through the milk into the baby...same as why stress in pregnancy is harmful to can't always prevent stress in pregnancy. ..but switching to formula to prevent it...or prevent passing it on is surely better than putting yourself through hell to actually give minimal benefit to the child. Fed is best. ...happy is best. do not know best...simple.

  • Heather B.

    The best comments are always from people who either have a 3 month old baby or are still pregnant :joy:, they always know best :thinking:

  • Denise W.

    Leave her alone it's hard for new mums as it is with conflicting advice. I recently had some training that recommended breastfeeding as first option. Those who choose to bottle feed should use a stage one milk up until one year old then progress to cows milk. Second stage and follow on milks are not regulated properly and often do not have sufficient vitamins minerals etc and contain too much sugar.

    • Denise W.

      I breast fed exclusively until three months then went on to formula. I weaned at five months and used a follow on milk, I did not know at the time about excess sugars. I don't want to critics anyone just want to pass on what I was told

  • Kate P.

    Breastfeeding clan at it again :rolling_eyes: Think u will find fed and loved is best

  • Rhiann C.

    Every baby is different. My daughter breastfed for 9 months. I didn't manage a day with my 4 week old son. We ended up back in hospital as he wasn't feeding. He is now thriving on formula.... fed is best!

  • Vicki S.

    I weaned both mine early hungry and both healthy children!!! One was breastfed for six weeks the other straight on formula guess what both very happy very active girls! My youngest who went straight onto bottle has never had antibiotics breastfed child has a few times.each to their own!!!!

  • Beckie G.

    Mum knows what's best for her baby!! I have weaned both my babies at 4 months as it's what they needed! Both are happy and healthy! And my 3 year old eats anything and everything and loves to try new foods!

  • Joanne M.

    Wow. It's up to her. Her child her rules. People should worry about their own children.

  • Amanda D.

    If babys arent supposeto be weaned onto solids why do the food manufacturers sell baby food suitable from 4 months....get over it a baby will wean when a baby is ready......and mum will be the one to decide if her child is ready for it

  • Heather D.

    I weaned at 4 months through advice from pediatrician and dietician, yes it was on medical grounds but never harmed my wee one, every child is different, every family is different, live and let live and stop judging!! :heart:

  • Siân B.

    My health visitor told me the only reason they say not to wean until past 6 months is to try and stop childhood obesity. My daughter was about 5-6 months and my son was 4-5 months. Both are happy healthy good eaters. Not fussy at all. No one knows their own child better than the mum so people should leave her be to find the best way for her and her baby.

  • Kathryn M.

    Rule 1 of raising your children. You are the parent . You listen to advise ect and you have decieded what is best. You do not have to listen to anybody that has nothing to do with your baby tell you what is best for them. They can advise you bit they can not shame you or force you to change the way you raise your child

    Rule 2 its not your businesses to judge other parents based on how you do shit. Seriously

  • Vikki T.

    I knew he was ready when he could sit unaided and grasp food and get it to his mouth. He went straight to normal food and was given whatever we were eating (although on take aeay nigts he got served veg haha unkucky kid :joy:) I never used baby rice or rice cakes or any of the other bumf that's marketed at babies from 4 months because as i understood from peoole told me it had no nutritional value. I think following a study a few years ago it was suggested that you wait until 6 months when the gut is better developed but i still know some people wean at 4 months. Which is fine for them. Just do what you think is best for your own child. Offer evidence based advice if you like but also understand your opinion is just that, an opinion and we can all parent how we like.

  • Danii L.

    My 2 eldest (12&13yrs) were both weaned at 3mths (that was the average age then), My middle daughters were both weaned around 4mths, My 2yr old was late weaned due to health issues so wasn't weaned until around 8mths but my youngest was weaned at 4mths! I knew when they were ready as they were no longer satisfied with just milk! I was told weaning my oldest daughter at 4mths was the best thing I did as she had battled for mths due to reflux and due to the reflux had battled with weight gain but doctors had failed to diagnose it despite many tests but once weaned she had a large weight gain and was no longer underweight and doctors were no longer worried

  • Claire B.

    My kids weaned at different times, my two eldest weaned at 4/5 m where my youngest was 6/7 m. It depends on the individual child and as a mother who knows their child, you know what's best for you and your baby. If you breast feed or bottle feed, that's no ones business but yours same as what age your child weans. Mind your own business people. It's not your baby.

  • Fiona T.

    I weaned both my children from 4months old.... My children my decision! My health visitor did not agree with me but I didn't care both my kids needed more than just there milk!! They still got there bottles n my youngest still does with his food. Good for u Amy Childs!!

  • Laura K.

    All mine were weaned at 4 months, they are perfectly healthy children and have no health issues because of this!

  • Trudy F.

    It's no one's business.... Make sure your perfect before criticising other parents decisions.

  • Gemma P.

    I started weaning my first child at 4 months and remember lying to the HV because I was afraid of criticism. She's was a hungry baby and now a hungry child. I have never regretted my decision. My 2nd child is totally different however - each one is different, no one knows her child better than her at the end of the day ! 'They' change the goals so often, is it really that bad?

  • Lisa F.

    It was 4 months when I had my first and 6 months for 2nd. Didn't do either of them any harm. Each child is different and recommendations are just that and don't cover all situations.

  • Jo D.

    I weaned my son at 3 months as he was a big baby and so hungry !

  • Adelle G.

    14yrs ago the guidelines stated I should start weaning at 4mths. 2yrs ago I should start at 6-8mths... Difference in my children- the oldest has always eaten far better than my 2yr old that only eats meat, pasta, rice & limited fruit! A mother should always do as she feels best for her child

  • Julia G.

    I have twins, one was ready at 4.5 months the other at 6 months. You know when they're ready.

  • Ang M.

    How did I know? My Mothering instinct and knowing my child, who is an individual with his own needs. Who needs to compare who does what! Did these conversations happen with our parents and our grand parents? :sleeping:

  • Sarah P.

    All 3 of mine were wanes at 12 weeks as advised 14 to 22 years ago . All very healthy no allergies etc and they were bottle fed. Worse mother in the world me :wink:!!!

  • Maggie C.

    Parent police are out lol.. I weaned my kids at 4 months and they loved it. They still had usual milk feeds just dropped one.. I don't get what the big deal is

  • Claire W.

    Right, my view point on the actual article (and this breast versus bottle nonsense) - I started weaning my son at 4 months old and has also never been breastfed. I didn't even try to breastfeed. For my own reasons which I do not have to justify to anyone because it's my own damn body, I did not want to breast feed him. He is 3 next week and not only absolutely fine and healthy, but incredibly bright with an advanced vocabulary (so I am repeatedly told). I am also reassured in knowing that when he finally joins school or even starts work or starts a relationship, neither of the questions: 'were you bottle or breast fed' or 'were you weaned before 6 months' will ever come up to hinder him in life... so it is a moot point. As long as a child gets fed, the parent is doing a damn good job! Mother's can feed their babies when and however they like because it is their perogative to do so and people objecting to that most basic and fundamental reasoning can take their stupid judgemental comments and stick it.

  • Jenny W.

    I was advised to wean my 2 youngest at this age as they both had bad reflux but saying that I weaned my older two at 4 months old aswel so I had already planned to wean my two youngest at this age and there all fine x

  • Samantha K.

    My children were too small at 4 months but I know of other children that were very hungry babies and the boxes say on them 4+ months so they must be fine. If it would seriously harm the child they would not be able to advertise it as 4+ months! I'm not really bothered what other mums do with their children. It's their choice! If we all did everything the same way than the world would be a boring place! But with regards to feeding- I get that they have been asking mums for about 5 years now to not wean before 6 months. I also understand why (I asked and got an answer! Simply really). But I did start my kids weaning at about 5 months maybe 5.5 months. They were sitting up grabbing at my food- all the signs. So I just made sure they are vegetables and small portions of fruit until they were 6 months. TBH it's more about what is being fed to the child than the actual feeding the child. So they changed the parameters- I just asked my Health Visitor and she gave me some guidance.

  • Ashleigh G.

    Bore off with your breast feeding crap! It's not always an option so.dont make others feel bad

  • Liz L.

    1: formula is banned from adverts here 2: despite breastfeeding one of my sons, the other needed formula. He's much healthier than his breastfed brother 3: who cares? Not your circus not your monkeys

  • Sian M.

    As long as you don't wean before 17 weeks then nothing wrong with it. Only you as a parent of your child will know when he/she is ready.

  • Anna M.

    My boy is nearly 13 and they said 6mth breastmilk best back then. If you are going to wean early cook fruit and veg rather than give them carbs like babyrice. The problem is we don't see problems that babies weaned very early get till they are older. Stomach issues, ibs etc

  • Kirsty M.

    Pretty sure as long as the baby is fed it doesn't matter what with a happy baby happy mum

  • Sam G.

    well ours are fine and I'm sure James will be too when I start him, this porker will deffo want food lmao

  • Liz L.

    One of mine was weaned at 4 months from medical necessity. That was best for him. No regrets.

  • Vicky H.

    It's got nothing to do with anyone else what she does with her child. Every child is different and every mum know when their child is ready. Leave the girl alone

  • Gemma H.

    My eldest is 17. When she was a baby we were told to wean at 4 months. I have 7 children ranging from 17 yrs down to 19 months. Everyone has started weaning at 4 months. 2 had reflux so needed to be. I can't people just be left alone.

  • Minimum

    when my children now 11 and 8 were weaned it was advised to wait to 6 months.  By doing so digestive systems are more mature and the big can slip the sloppy puree stage and go straight to mashed. Every baby is different and if they were premmie like mine it is best to wait. Never went near baby rice at all. 

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