24 Easy Christmas Hairstyles For Girls (One For Each Day Of Advent)

24 Easy Christmas Hairstyles For Girls (One For Each Day Of Advent)

Advent Calendars are so yesterday! Make the countdown to Christmas a little more fun with these 24 Easy Christmas Hairstyles For Girls.

1. Angel Ringlets

2. Christmas Tree

This looks way more complicated than it is. Split the hair into two, then each half into three, if you know how to do a French Pleat then great, if not simplify things and do a simple flat, three strand braid. Then just weave a single piece of green ribbon between the two braids connecting them and looking like a nifty Christmas Tree.

3. Christmas Bow

4. Wreath

5. Rudolph

6. Christmas Pleat

Grab a decent section of hair from the top of the head and secure into a ponytail. Then take a thin strand of hair and wrap it around to conceal the hair tie- secure it with a hair grip. Then do a simple three strand braid - once you have overlapped about three times, take a thin strand from the two outer strands of the braid. Keep them out until you have braided the hair further. Then simply reintroduce those bits you left out, back into the braid. You want them to stand out so don't pull them in too tight.

7. Snowman

8. Candy Cane

9. Baubles

10. Fairy

11. Elsa Frozen Braid

The easiest way to create an 'Elsa Braid' is to do a slack side french pleat. Remember to leave out some wispy bits at the front. Don't know how to do a French Pleat? Take a section from the top of the head, but pick a side (you want it to be off centre for this look)

Separate the section into 3 strands crossing right over middle and then left over middle, just like a regular braid. Gather all of the strands over to your left hand and keep strands separated. Now introduce a small even section from the right with your right hand and add it to the right strand. That strand now goes into the middle of the three strands and follow this pattern all the way down.

12. Christmas Bun with Holly

13. Christmas Stars

14. Christmas Pudding

15. Sparkle

16. Santa Claus

Just like the Christmas Tree style above but you need to use red and white ribbon for the Santa Claus Effect and don't forget that all important pom pom for the top.

17. Snowflake

18. Ornament Updo

19. Elf Pigtails

20. Tinsel

21. Lights

22. Half Up Half Down Baubles

23. Christmas Tree Pull Through Braid

This might look like a braid but it's not a real one. Gather a small section of hair like your doing a half up do and tie it in a ponytail using a small hair tie. Pull it forward and temporarily clip it out of the way. Take your next section underneath (same amount as the first) and tie it into a ponytail.

Now with your first ponytail, you want to split it into two, pull the second ponytail up the middle and clip it out of the road. Now repeat this process until you have a complete pull through braid!

24. Christmas Eve Hair


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