Tea And Accessories 15% Off @ Tea Pigs: PlayPennies Exclusive

Tea And Accessories 15% Off @ Tea Pigs: PlayPennies Exclusive

TeapigsAs a nation of tea drinkers, this offer should go down... refreshingly.  Especially given the weather of late, 15% off real, excellent quality tea and accessories just about hits the spot. And, if you’re looking for something that isn’t socks or a joke item for your tea-drinking dad in time for Father's Day there’s even 15% off accessories.

Hit the spot with a great cup of tea

  • Promotional discount: 15%
  • Valid on: Everything, except ‘cheeky deals’
  • Valid till: 31 August 2011
  • Promotion code: playpennies

Tea Pigs is a small company, with a handful of staff who are, it seems, pretty passionate about tea, travelling the world to taste it. They have black (including chocolate flake tea!!), green, oolong, white, Rooibos, herbal, organic and adventurous (including chilli chai andspiced winter red) teas which sound amazing and Teapigs makes up lovely looking gift sets too.

Included in gift sets are the tea accessories – and I have to interrupt myself here to tell you a story. I have bought my husband many gifts over the years that we have been together, but to date, his favourite gift ever was a stove-top coffee brewing pot I bought one Christmas as a stocking filler! So much for that driving experience that cost 8 times as much!

Anyway, I’m loving some of the accessories that are included in this offer. My personal favourites are the glass cup and saucers and the Brugo mugs for on the go drinks. But the best simply has to be thiscandle lit tea set - although not your cheapest tea set option!

Teapigs is an ethical company, which makes them all the better to support, and their customer feedback on some of the teas is pretty incredible. Apparently, this is what real tea tastes like.



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