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22 June 2010


See your Dad's name in lights! Enjoy his moment of fame! And then eat it... Or glue it...Or something...

This is the idea behind Getting Personal and some of their rather ingenious products. PlayPennies HQ was sent a couple of these funny and interesting products for review for our month of Dads.

We know that Father’s Day was on Sunday, but we feel that Dads deserve to be spoiled for longer than just 24 hours and are extending the love right up until the end of the month. So, these Father’s Day goodies from Getting Personal are a great way to keep going (and eating).

Dad’s Personalised Chocolate Pudding

choccy There is only one word that can be used to describe this dessert – yum! But wait...before I get lost in the wonders of Belgian chocolate, I better tell you what it is that makes this a great present for Dad. This pudding can be personalised on the silver foil cover with a special note for the Dad in your life.

You get up to 60 characters to create your personal message and there is also a large printed label calling it ‘Dad’s Ultimate Chocolate Pudding’.

The pudding has 290g of divinely gooey, sticky, scrummy chocolate dessert with big chunks of Belgian chocolate mixed in for love. Oh man. And here’s what our resident Dad had to say...

When I got the pudding I was faintly impressed with the label,” said Mark, “It was a nice touch and because it was from my wife it felt really sweet. It isn’t exactly a monogrammed towel or anything, but I liked it.”

Mark thought that the personalising of the pudding was not as big a deal as the dessert itself.

It may just be me, but I was more interested in the flavour of the pud than the decoration around it,” he said, “In fact, I was worried that it would be a bit crap because so much effort had gone into disguising it.”

Well Mark wasn’t disappointed.

melted_chocolateThe pudding takes 90 seconds to heat,” he said, “90 seconds! How low maintenance is that? That’s my kind of dessert. I ran out in the ad break and had a heated dessert complete with cherries and whipped cream before the ads were even finished. Bonus.”

As you can see, Mark went for the whole hog when it came to the serving suggestions on the tin.

The dessert is really good,” he said, “It is a bit gooey in parts and slightly bland, but that may be because I put too much cream on it. Overall I would rate this as being as good as anything I’ve eaten in a restaurant and well worth the price.”

NM_whipped_cream_081211_mnThese personalised puddings come in at £9.95 with a £2.95 delivery charge on top. It is quite expensive for the size which comfortably serves two people with a normal chocolate appetite. Not like me. That would be one serving for my abnormal appetite. Ha!

Overall, I have to say that the novelty factor does add value to the price, as does the taste and supremely fast heating time.

Personalised Superdad Calendar

gp_superdad_lrgThe Superdad calendar is really cute with a fun cover image and loads of awesome pics inside. Every single image inside the calendar includes the name of your Dad in a variety of fabulous ways such as on a car, lit by fireworks in the sky and spelled out on the beach.

The calendar was sent off to Chris for review and this is what he had to say, “All the pictures to illustrate the months are really interesting, from cars to Christmas lights. Each picture spells out my name and looks ace.”

The days of the month all have a bit of space, in case the owner wants to write a little memo to remind them of an appointment (or anniversary!!), and so aren’t just about funky personalised photos – it’s useful too!

The product has a really nice glossy finish and is smooth to the touch,” said Chris, “The Calendar also goes from June to June, so it’s perfect for Father’s Day and the rest of the month of June. I’ll probably take it to work with me because it’s a desk calendar and will fit nicely there.”

nov_lrgPlayPennies loves the fact that the calendar is designed to go from June to June – this is such a brilliant idea and makes this so much more personal and ingenious. Also, the personalised images for each month of the year are a very nice touch and they are very masculine and stylish to boot.

For £9.95, this calendar is better value for money than the dessert with much more mileage. It looks and feels very professional and  will last for a long time.

And Finally

Of the two products sent to our Dad Testers at PlayPennies HQ, we have to say that the calendar is the hands down winner. It’s portable, stylish and fun and looks far more expensive than the tenner you’d spend on it.

The dessert is a cute idea but possibly not one that suits the Dads. The guys were more interested in eating it than reading the cover (you know how bad they are at reading instructions, right?) and the foil soon ended up in the bin.

If given a choice between the two, for the same price, the calendar easily wins and has already had two other PlayPennies converts.

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