Matching Father & Child Clothing @ Lidl From 7th June

Matching Father & Child Clothing @ Lidl

If you've not sorted out those Father's Day gifts yet, take a look at what Lidl have on offer from tomorrow! They have a ton of great value gifts, including Matching Family Clothing! Prices start from just £2.99, and you can choose from matching tees and matching pyjamas!

The themes are Batman and Robin, Star Wars, and Jurassic World, so if your kids are into superheroes, sci-fi or dinos you're in luck!

Here's what you can get to match the kids with their Dad:

The kids items are only available for younger children aged 1-6, so older kids won;t be able to match, which is a shame.

These matching clothing items, plus more Father's Day gifts, will be in Lidl stores from Thursday 7th June.


  • Rebecca H.

    can see Colin and Joseph needing these xx

  • Ashleigh E.

    never mind joe you and Sam need these

  • Karen M.

    pity these didnt say ninjas :speak_no_evil:

  • Gemma J.

    Kyle and joshie need these xxx

  • Laura S.

    Need to try get along get them xx

  • Craig B.

    Looks like I’ll be off to Lidl on my dinner ha ha x

  • Charlotte F.

    No he's always been Batman fan

  • Rebecca P.

    OMG. Which ones Lidl again? X

  • Carina B.

    Problem is that there isn’t one in Chorley and by the time I get to one there isn’t any left :rolling_eyes:

  • Cara R.

    Shame they not spider man ones! Charlie would love it x

  • Annie W.

    Yep... desperate to get some:joy::joy:

  • Annie W.

    Yes. I'm off to get some tomorrow hopefully

  • Laura M.

    Il have to try get use some x

  • Zoe H.

    Defo, Jon will be made up :joy: xx

  • Toni J.

    Omg I may have to go get these xx

  • Joanna R.

    Im def getting these. Xx

  • Nicola M.

    Flip Ethan would love these for him and daddy x

  • Mandy B.

    I could just see them together :wink:

  • Jennie M.

    But I'm batman :thinking::thinking::thinking:

  • Jillian M.

    I think not... I'm batman

  • Elizabeth N.

    I need to get these. If you are in Lidl at all please pick them up for me x

  • Sian C.

    Matt and Leo need them xxx

  • Roxanne B.

    These look fab thanks Hun xx

  • Mary-Ann S.

    means he deffo needs to get it :joy::joy: xx

  • Dawn A.

    She definitely is :joy: although she's now saying Spiderman is her fave, much to daddy's disgust :speak_no_evil: xxx

  • Ann-Marie M.

    Well he needs to get them now lol :joy::joy::joy:

  • Jamie R.

    Omg :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I love them xx

  • Vicki S.

    Ul need t keep an eye in Lidl :heart_eyes:

  • Nicola-Jane C.

    None, going to to the Chatsworth RHS show in between boys.x

  • Rebecca C.

    I know might need t nip n i mornx

  • Sarah B.

    Not a bad price either xx

  • Kaeleigh T.

    I’ll go tomorrow see if I find them :heart_eyes: holiday pjs :heart_eyes:

  • SJ H.

    Love it, but I foresee problems.... no, Mummy, I’m the real Batman :blush: x

  • Tasha D.

    Yes I need to get this :heart_eyes:

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