Kobo Mini Reader £29.99 @ WH Smith

Kobo Mini Reader £29.99 @ WH Smith

If Dad likes kicking back reading from time to time, WH Smith has a great offer on the Kobo Mini Reader, reduced from £40 to £29.99.

I must admit I know nothing about the Kobo eReader, apart from what WH Smith tells us.

The Kobo Mini is 101x133x11mm in size. It weighs a very light 134g (4.73 oz) and is not lit for night reading, but does have a touch screen. It is available in black and white.

The battery should keep ticking over for up to 1 month and you can store up to 1000 books on it.

A system called Kobo Picks brings personalised eBook recommendations to your screen, based on your feedback and preferences, and changes as your tastes change.

It is a pretty basic eReader, but it's a very low price and ideal if you want to try it and see if an eReader is your thing.

Thanks to bigdeals at HUKD


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