Father's Day: Spreadable Whisky £9.99 @ Firebox

Spreadable Whisky @ Firebox

Father's day is just around the corner on Sunday 17th June and if your Dad is partial to a tot or two of whisky then we have found just the gift for him!

First we had Spreadable Gin now there is Spreadable Whisky!

This is such a great gift for the Dad who has everything! I always struggle with a present for my Father in law, not anymore, he will love a whisky and toast in the morning!

Don't worry this isn't literally whisky on it's own it is actually an award winning marmalade which has been made with real whisky. Spreadable whisky is a surprisingly delicious way to sneak a rich dose of malty goodness onto your morning toast.

It also goes down really well as a chutney with cheese and biscuits. It is available at Firebox for just £9.99 and looks to be a bestseller.

Home delivery is £2.99 and becomes FREE when you spend £100 or more.

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  • Hayley B.

    nutritious breakfast :speak_no_evil:

  • Jayne P.

    .... to go with the whiskey jam??

  • Chris F.

    one for your dad :thumbsup_tone1:

  • Mike D.

    So dangerous. Everyday for brekkie :joy:

  • Natalie P.

    Do you want a jar for Fathers Day ? Xxxx

  • Florence C.

    Hehe, dad might like it though!!

  • Gareth W.

    would rather a glass of the real thing :kissing_heart:

  • Sue B.

    Good God ! Don't tell the mother :joy::joy:

  • Rosie M.

    my dad would love that:joy::joy:

  • David L.

    Not a big fan of marmalade but may need to try that one!

  • Jennifer C.

    Lol you may change your mind if there's a shot of whiskey in there :joy:

  • David L.

    A shot will certainly change my mind :joy:

  • Emma M.

    If u put that on toast it would give u boke xxx

  • Sue M.

    hmmm..... and for Mother's Day

  • Chenade R.

    Yes you cant I love it hahhaa xx

  • Gary W.

    That’s all a need :joy::joy:

  • Chelle Z.

    That's why I tagged you! Hahaha

  • Sharon P.

    Don’t like Whiskey so it would spoil it!!! Grandad would live it though!!:joy::joy:xxx

  • Kimberley T.

    That’s what I thought of xx

  • Tracy R.

    Ohhhh.... so need some of this!

  • Tracy R.

    Need to see if the distillary does something like this on the next run. The whisky fudge is amazing!!

  • Jennifer M.

    Oooft dont encourage him :joy: good idea though x

  • Carole L.

    Really?I never heard of it before !

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