Father’s Day Special @ Photobox

As seen on TV. Photobox are offering these gorgeous photo cases for selected iPhones, iPads and Galaxy S models for just  £12. Previously £21.99 that’s almost £10 off!  Delivery is free on orders over £25 so check out their site and make your baby’s Daddy proud to whip out his uniquely accessorised cellphone!

This Father’s Day (16 June) turn your favourite photos into Father’s Day gifts with Photobox. These cute photo cases featuring one or more photos of your choice are available for iPads, iPad Minis, iPhone 5, iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 3G/3GS, Samsung Galaxy S III and Galaxy S II. Because they’re made out of high quality scratch–resistant plastic, they’re lightweight and hardwearing. They’re also designed to make accessing the phone’s touchscreen easy and have cut-outs for the phone’s volume control and camera.

Photobox are also offering a mug with your favourite photo on it for just £5 (discounted from the usual £8.49) but I think 1989 called and wanted it back…

In my mind the photo cases are a win - they’re new and totally unique and for only £12 it beats the hell out of soap on a rope!

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