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8 June 2010

photobox Did I forget to mention that it's Father's Day on Sunday 20 June...?

Some of my most favourite things are the personalised ones and I mentioned this the other day, but just in case you missed it, you are NOT limited to just using the usual mugshots for gifts or wall art with Photobox.

artThis is one of my most treasured pieces of artwork and it hangs proudly on the wall in my house - my youngest and eldest painted it together and I love it!  It would look very arty on mugs, placemats, mousemats or blown-up onto a B I G canvas for real impact.

Make hand and footprints on paper with brightly coloured paint, take a high-resolution photograph of it and have them printed onto whichever gift idea you think the father of your children would like best.

Or maybe get your kid/kids to draw pictures of them together with their dad then write 'Me and My Dad',  'I love you Daddy' or 'Happy Father's Day' or whatever you like underneath (in kiddy-esque handwriting obviously) take a photo and use that.

The possibilities are endless and there's enough time to get this organised and sorted in time for Father's Day if you start now.

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