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10 June 2010

carve-your-own-card1 I woke up in a state of panic this morning that I'd forgotten to remind you that Father's Day is next Sunday!

If you're anything like me, I'm always on the prowl for gifts which are different and have that little something that makes them ultra-special and be treasured for years to come.

It's the same with cards. Sure you can buy one, yes you can have them personalised with the recipient's name, of course you can make your own - these are always a favourite.  But what do you do when you've exhausted those options and the thought of sending more of the same leaves you cold?

How about something that's a card and present to keep all rolled in to one?!

carve-your-own-card3I stumbled across this rather unique (I think) spin on the humble postcard this morning and the more I think about it the more I like it.  Essentially, it's a piece of soft wood that's blank on one side and printed like a postcard on the other.

You carve something on the blank side - Daddy I Love YOU! or something like that for Father's Day - write a little message in pen and the address on the other side, stick a stamp on it and bung it in the post ready to be delivered to Dad on Saturday 19 June (the day before Father's Day obviously).

If you dont' fancy the idea of relying on Royal Mail, then I'd stick a stamp on anyway and let your child play posty and deliver it on Sunday morning with breakfast in bed perhaps.

Now before anyone starts to have heart palpatations at the thought of little kids carving away with Swiss Army knives, fear not! The wood is very soft and can be 'dented' (rather than carved) with something like a key or other similarly blunt object, so there won't be any trips to A&E. have reduced this 'Carve a Card' from £7.50 to £4.50; order before 3pm and they'll send it out the same day, standard express delivery is just £3.99 regardless of how much you order.

I'm very taken with this - it's like carving your love for someone on a tree without the guilt of scarring nature for life and it can take pride of place somewhere too (think dad's desk at work etc).

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