6 Litre White Mini Fridge £29.99 @ Argos

6 Litre White Mini Fridge £29.99 @ Argos

Argos have reduced the price of the 6 Litre White Mini Fridge from £44.99 to £29.99. That's 1/3rd of the regular price.

So what can you do with a teeny, tiny 6 litre fridge? How about fill it with chocolate and hide it somewhere the rest of the family will never look? Like in a fake laundry basket!Well, it's Father's Day soon, and maybe Dad will appreciate some beers, soft drinks or snacks in the shed? Or the garage? Or the man cave my husband calls a study? Except then we might never see him again. Maybe that's not the best idea!

The description says that it can be used for camping - but it doesn't say much about cables, wires, or other forms of keeping it cold.

Either way, there are 63 pages of reviews, so you can get a pretty good idea of what it's good for: taking to the office, keeping in a room, and so on. We had one in a house share once, because the housemates kept using up our organic milk!

If Dad likes his own space, he might like a bit of refreshment in it too!

Thanks to punajbi at HUKD


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