LEGO Fancy Dress Items From £1.83 @ Amazon

LEGO Fancy Dress Items From £1.83

LEGO just gets more and more popular. There are even Children's Programmes of some of the LEGO series - Ninjago and Nexo Knights. Amazon have some really cool LEGO Fancy Dress items from these and prices start from just £1.83.

Here's the list of the LEGO Fancy Dress Bargains @ Amazon:

Add-on items can only be ordered when part of an order totalling £20 or more.

Delivery is FREE from Amazon members or those of you spending £20+. Otherwise, delivery is £3.99.

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  • Brian S.

    boys will love these. Xx

  • Lesleyann W.

    I think the kids need these :grinning:

  • Dawn P.

    . Jacob would love this x

  • Gemma K.

    Jake has the one on left gt it fr hos bday was nearly £20 :hushed: xx

  • Stacey H.

    Theyre fab in they, hes got the the green ninjago and he loves it. Might have to get him one of these xx

  • Zaneta M.

    Yeah I have seen them. Eddie is not really into these characters, but they r super cool. Hope they will release superheroes.

  • Emma T.

    They're cool, Blake would love them. X

  • Craig S.

    They only have the knight and ninja ones I'll have a look

  • Iestyn P.

    They don't do my size :cry:

  • Hannah M.

    Awesome thanks he will love that xx

  • Nicki H.

    Amazing...I'm on it! Thanks xx

  • Connie W.

    Il have to order for his birthday x

  • Kate J.

    Omg the boys would love these!!! X

  • Jenni B.

    This is so cool! And so cheap! Xx

  • Judy S.

    Ooo that is a good price, but I already bought him a Lego Ninjago costume for Christmas last year :sweat: x

  • Stephenie L.

    They are really cool aren't they!

  • Michael F.

    Haha.. the boys would love that!!!

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