Kids Halloween Costumes 50% Off @ Marks And Spencer

Kids Halloween Costumes 50% Off @ Marks And Spencer

There’s 50% off 31 Halloween items at M&S at the moment, so if you’re still searching for ‘something’ for the weekend, click and collect or pop in to your local M&S for 50% off a variety of goodies.

Halloween hasn’t really been big on my radar since my early twenties when I dated a goth-wannabe IT geek (and I say geek with the greatest of affections).  I remember walking into a fastfood restaurant with a crowd of friends one Halloween, all on our way to a party and a little girl asked her grandmother why we were all dressed like that. Granny answered, “I think they’re actors, dear.” Too right, probably!

Anyway, if your offspring are dressing up for trick or treating over the weekend, there’s a good range of outfits, from £2 to £10 (half off the price shown).

The Halloween Vampire Outfit is the most expensive at £10, although the Rock Reaper Outfit could be a bit of fun too – albeit a bit cool for trick and treating I think! – and will cost you £6 - £6.50.

My personal favourite, however, has to be the baby bib:Beware I’m Teething.

Thanks to terryti88s at HUKD


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