Iron Man Costume £6 @ The Works

Iron Man Costume £6 @ The Works

Calling all superhero fans! This Iron Man Costume is now only £6 at The Works. It has an RRP of £29.99, so it's a steal. I reckon these will sell out, so if you want one, now's the time to get it in your basket.

The Iron Man Costume comes in a choice of two sizes: Small (3-4 years) and Large* (age 8-10).

The Costume consists of a Jumpsuit with boot tops and that all-important Mask.

For £6, this is a great present for those kids that love superheroes.

You can Click and Collect the Iron Man Costume for FREE from a The Works store near you or pay £2.99 to have it delivered to your home.

Thanks to twinkleplease

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  • Simon P.

    This looks good .... For me though,not Fred

    • Rachel P.

      Sizes Only go up to aged 10

  • Barry F.

    got these for the boys :thumbsup::joy: xx

  • Julia B.

    Let me go all the way through checkout before saying oOs

  • Fiona F.

    He has one but not as cool as this one xx

  • Laura G.

    thot it looked cool and a bargain lol x

  • Laura B.

    Awh crap!!! I got one from Asda few days ago, already wrapped it :see_no_evil: xx

  • Liv P.

    I've bought him one, it was about the same price as this one... but then I saw it in home bargains for £8.99 :unamused: xx

  • Tanya T.

    Aw they don’t do his size x

  • Joanne B.

    Got this for Noahs birthday I paid £10

  • Amanda S.

    The size i want is out of stock. xx

  • Lisa B.

    Masons got that somewhere lol x

  • Katrina W.

    I'm pretty sure he has this one. Not sure as he had loads of dress up! Xx

  • Bex C.

    God that’s cheap isn’t it, a need to stop buying now lol xxx

  • Lauren M.

    I got this when it was £8 (still a bargain) and was worried it might be tat but it's the proper rubies one. My little man will be very pleased come Xmas day :heart_eyes:

  • Kayleigh J.

    Oh don't tell me that I've finished doing me Xmas shopping now x

  • Sarah R.

    I've just ordered a medium x

  • Rebecca B.

    Wow that's a good bargain! Xx

  • Pete W.

    Does iron man have a peanut butter allergy by any chance?

  • Ellie M.

    Yeah I saw this but he doesn’t know the hulk buster (not so I for that matter) so thought best to get the normal one? X

  • Tina A.

    Only got size medium fits age 5 to 7yrs

  • Tina A.

    Just ordered in medium and large..once click on link and go through their stuff it's also in size small and size large but as different item codes

  • Nicola J.

    Ooh no he doesn't have hulkbuster! Thanks will have a look :kissing_heart: xxx

  • Charlotte H.

    I got same one in poundland for 5 pound..daughter loves it but the mask is a funny shape tho she didn't mind

  • Yvonne P.

    Excellent if they have it! X

  • Rebecca B.

    None left!! Thanks though.

  • Nikki W.

    Mum's got him that already, same price I think!

  • Jason M.

    Think james would like it if they do his size

  • Louise O.

    He’s got iron man lol x

  • Sinead O.

    Haha class!! ImHis childminder just got him an iron man costume today. Im having a night getting a green ninja lego costume :rolling_eyes:

  • Sinead O.

    Sold out everywhere- never even knew they existed lol x

  • Katrina G.

    Sadly Quinn wouldn’t wear it. He’s Captain America and Noah is Iron Man

  • Louise W.

    I ordered this when it was in stock then 4 days later they emailed saying stock error so refunded :(

  • Stephanie A.

    Thanks babe i seen them the other day in there by he wants a ninja turtle one xx

  • Samantha B.

    Think he already has that one xx

  • Jacqui A.

    I was in their today too! Will pop in again

  • Sammie S.

    Ah it’s sold out :weary::weary::weary:

  • Corinne H.

    When it actually comes, it’s not iron man! It’s hulk buster!

    • Rachel B.

      they've reduced the price so maybe lots of people complained it's not iron man x

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