Angels Fancy Dress Review

I think I've nearly got an entire wardrobe just full of costumes. Son loves dressing up, and there seems to be an outfit for just about everything these days!

This particular outfit comes from Angels Fancy Dress. You may already be familiar with the online retailer as they do a spectacular array of dressing up outfits. For this review we received a Ninja aged 5-6 years costume. Read on to find out how it stood up to some active testing over the Christmas period.

Ninja Children's Costume

Halloween, dress up days at school, costumes for birthday parties, and just general dressing up fun. It is quite exciting getting to put on a costume as a kid and 'becoming' that character. The Ninja costume (£17.99) particularly made me think of a good one to have for Halloween if, like me, you have a child how doesn't really like the more scary ones such as zombies or monsters.

This pack contains a top with gold detailed trim and attached hood, pants iwth elasticated waist, sash and ace mask. All fabrics are listed as 100% polyester, exclusive of trim.

The sword shown in the picture isn't a part of the costume. One issue I have had with the Angels Fancy Dress website in the past is that additional items used to be automatically added to the order. If you weren't paying attention you could end up with (and paying for) items you didn't necessarily want.

Was thrilled to find that this has changed, and are no longer simply added to you bill. They're still there on the product page as 'Complete the outfit' items.

By default the standard delivery service is selected. This costs £5.50, and for that you get a tracked and guaranteed service. There is a cheaper delivery option, the economy service at £3.90. However, having raised the issue of why this isn't selected as default, Angels let me know that most customers prefer the service that is traceable, and has a time guarantee.

I've had a number of costumes from Angels over the years, and they all tend to last well. My son likes to wear costumes out and about - to the shops, the playground and so forth, so they get a lot of wear!

The costumes I've had so far from Angels are the slip over the head kind. I love this as it means no velcro - something I find is a bit hard on the material. The Ninja Costume is no different.

As always, the quality of the sewing seems pretty good too. The attention to detail is good as well, coming in at the wrists and ankles like it has been 'bound',

One difficulty we both had was with the mask. There's a hood that is attached to the top, and to complete this there's a mask that covers the lower part of the face. I wasn't too sure how to put this on, but did the best I could. It seems a bit tight though, and son kept sucking material in when breathing. He found it a bit restrictive, and wanted to take it off after just a couple of minutes.

It is possible (and highly likely) that I put it on wrong, so need to have another go, but son has refused point blank to let me try! Something to keep in mind when trying this costume on for the first time.

It is also a two piece outfit. The trousers are separate, which makes it an ideal costume for dress up days at school where an all in one costume can make it difficult for them to use the toilet. Especially for boys where it does up at the back.

Overall I loved this costume, and so did my son. He enjoyed being a ninja, and was doing the pretend Karate moves all over the house. The outfit looks dead smart too, and he wore it to a few parties over the Christmas season.

The price is a little bit high, but you will get a lot of wear out of it and if you've younger siblings too it will make a great hand-me-down if it wears as well as the other Angels costumes we've had. This particular one is an In Characters costume.

Pros: looks smart, nicely designed, great fit

Cons: had difficulty with the mask

Overall verdict: 9/10


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