New Trunkis: Trunkisaurus Rex and Rox £29.90 @ Amazon

OOOH new Trunkis!  I'm preferring to think that my excitement about these new Trunkis - Trunkisaurus Rex and Trunkisaurus Rox - is down to wanting to tell you about them in time for Christmas, rather than having become a little obsessed with the little ride-on suitcases.

I fly out of Heathrow every 14 weeks or so and find I automatically scan the airport concourse, departures and arrivals lounges for kids scooting along on their Trunkis; NOW I'm going to be on the prowl for little ones with a Trunkisaurus in tow.

I haven't quite got to the stage of secretly snapping photos to show you - that really would be going too far and see me seeking Trunki therapy.

Just in case you have no clue what I'm talking about, here's a quick run down on all things Trunki:

  • They are little ride-on/pull-along suitcases for kids
  • They were famously rejected by the Dragons on Dragons' Den and have subsequently taken the luggage market by storm
  • They come in various colours and conform to current hand luggage size restrictions across all the airlines
  • Riding on or pulling along their Trunki reduces the stress and strain on young joints, which is one of the main reasons for their invention

The usual retail price for Trunkisaurus Rex and Trunkisaurus Rox is £37.99 but, for now, Amazon have taken 21% off and are selling them for £29.90 (£29.99 for Trunkisaurus Rox before anyone starts getting sniffy about me misquoting by nine pence).

Happy Trunki Riding!

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