Trunki Tote Bag (Blue Or Pink) £6.99 @ Play

Trunki Tote Bag (Blue Or Pink) £6.99 @ Play

If you're a fan of all things Trunk (like we are, here at PlayPennies) then I think you're going to rather like this Trunki Tote Bag that's up for grabs at Play for £6.99, instead of its usual £10 to £15.

Trunki first came to national awareness when the inventors pitched them to the Dragons on Dragons' Den and were turned down; they went on to take the children's luggage market by STORM and Trunki suitcases grace the luggage collections of many a celebrity child.

All sorts of Trunki things have followed and been featured here on PlayPennies, but this is the first time I've seen these Trunki Tote Bags which can be used alone or as an inside accessory for your Trunki suitcase.

It's been cleverly designed to fit into one side of your Trunki, to prevent toys from falling out when the case is opened.  The Trunki Tote Bag can also be clipped onto the back of the seat in front, resulting in toys, books and games  never being out of reach and meaning you don't have to keep contorting yourself round the seats to reach into the back for things.

There's no charge for UK deliveries with Play; they are advising a one to two week delivery lead time on the blue Trunki Tote Bag at the moment.

Thanks to andywedge at HUKD 


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