Trunki Ride-on Suitcase: Frieda the Cow £23.50 Delivered @ BG Nappies

Frieda the Trunki Cow BG Nappies are back with another Trunki Ride-on deal: Frieda the Cow for £20, with a £3.50 delivery fee, making it £23.50. Frieda will cost you upwards of £32 and nearer £40 everywhere else you look, so this is a decent price.

We've done several trips to and from Australia in recent years, and my daughter's Trunki has come in very handy in that time. So much so that when my youngest daughter started paying full fares, we bought her a Trunki too, so now they each traverse the airport quite nimbly riding their dinosaur and princess Trunkis, which frees our hands up for all the bits we always seem to carry.

Frieda the Cow is ideal for holidays, weekend breaks, and playing at home. She's lightweight and durable and while fitting in airport hand luggage restrictions, is still quite generous at 18 litres - you'll be surprised what fits inside!

There's a 'secret' compartment - it's not really secret at all - and teddy bear seatbelts (the handles) as well as horn grips for kids to hold on to when it's a ride on.

We highly recommend Trunkis for travel with kids.

Thanks to rosiepea at HUKD

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