Trunki Promotional Code: 30% Off GoVinci And Yondi

Trunki Promotional Code: 30% Off GoVinci And Yondi

Trunki GoVinic and YondiUse this Trunki promotional code to get 30% off the GoVinci and Yondi ranges.

Click HERE to use your 30% Trunki promotional code

  • Discount: 30%
  • Applies to: GoVinci and Yondi
  • Promotional code: 30BYG
  • Expires: 30th June 2011

To use this code, go to the My Cart page and enter it in the discount code box. You will see it applied immediately to your order.

This code can be used on the GoVinci, and the Yondi range. The GoVinci is a backpack with a built in frame for your art. We reviewed this on PlayPennies here. The Yondi is a travel pillow designed to help keep your child's head upright and comfortable while sleeping in a carseat.

There are three Yondi's, for babies, toddlers and older children. The ones for toddlers and older children use magnets to fit the 'paws' under their chin. Prices range from £10 to £13.

I tried the code out on a GoVinci backpack. This costs £19.99. With the code applied it cost £13.99. Delivery for this was £3.05. If you spend more than £50 delivery is free.

Thanks to JackJ221 at HUKD!


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