Trunki Frieda The Cow Ride-On Suitcase £17.99 @ Amazon

trunki I love it! How can you not adore this gorgeous little ride-on suitcase? As a fan of anything to do with cows this has completely captured my attention. Down from £34 to only £17.99 at Amazon, Trunki Frieda may well be the perfect complement to your next holiday.

Remember the days of travelling when you were a kid? I was given a book and told to sit still for hours and hours. Imagine being able to relive that with a ride-on suitcase that you can hurtle about the airport at great speeds. Perhaps not great for parents but definitely a plus for kids.

Your little one can ride on it, sit on it for a rest, pull it along behind or you can tug your tired tot about while they rest happily upon it. This is a genius invention. The other plus factor is that it’s the exact right size to fit as hand luggage so you can pack it full of lots of useful stuff. Trunki2

It can store up to 18 litres of useful things so get those favourite books and toys in there before you go plus some snacks and juice for longer trips. They advise that it’s only for kids. Boo. I could really do with one for myself. Why can’t the hubby drag me about after I’ve spent eight hours running after my tot?

Thanks to benjamine1979 at HUKD!

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  • Heidi S.
    We have a blue and a green one of these. They ROCK. Totally awesome inventions. V tempted to trade them in for a moo print and a gruffalo one, though!
  • Anonymous C.
    "Currently Unavailable". Time to remove this page?

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