Trunki Dino Saddle Bag £7.99 @ Play

Trunki Dino Saddle Bag £7.99 @ Play

Play have reduced the price of this Trunki Dino Saddle Bag down to £7.99 from £12.99 - I want to say 'yeeeeHAAAA!' but that's more cowboys and indians than Dino Trunki.

This Trunki Dino Saddle Bag is rather cute looking, matches the Dino Trunkis -  it also matches the Dino Trunki Chums Set I told you about a couple of days ago -  and is being billed as giving you, and I quote, "A more luxurious Trunki ride."  A more luxurious Trunki ride...I've had a close look at the pictures and that really doesn't look likely.

Where's the padding?  Wheres's the soft, strategic cushioning?  And, to be honest, you'd need some rather robust suspension technology to make a ride on a Trunki feel luxurious.  However, I'm not the target market here and think I may be missing the point.

So you sling your Trunki Dino Saddle Bag over the back of your Trunki, secure it round its belly and off you go - there's a horn for honking at oncoming pedestrians and pockets to keep bits and pieces in that aren't inside your Trunki.

When you're not riding your Trunki you can use the Trunki Dino Saddle Bag as a shoulder bag.

Standard delivery to the UK and Europe is free with Play and takes a few days, or you can pay to have your Trunki Dino Saddle Bag delivered quicker.

Thanks to leeds_united_afc at HUKD


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