Trunki Bernard/Harley Spring Bundle £27.77/£27.89 Delivered @ Amazon

Trunki Bernard/Harley Spring Bundle £27.77/£27.89 Delivered @ Amazon

Going away with the kids? Save yourself some stress and get a Trunki. If you have ever had to stand at a train station platform for ages or had to dash from one end of the airport to another, then you need one for your child. They don't tend to come cheap but Amazon have the Trunki Bernard and Harley Spring Bundles for just £27.77 and £27.89 delivered. Normally, a bundle like this would cost you around the £40 mark (Boots price £39.99).

With the Trunki Spring Bundle you get a Bernard/Harley Trunki Ride-On Suitcase and Spike/Pinch PaddlePak.

The Trunki Suitcase is lightweight hand luggage with a difference. Yoour little one can use it to sit on during long waits or scoot about as you dash between terminals at the airport.

These are recommended for children aged three years old and above. The PaddlePak backpack that you get comes with the Trunki, is splash-proof so if you are out and about, it's okay if it starts to rain.

Delivery is FREE as these Trunki Bundles are over £20.


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