Tents Up to 50% Off @ Tesco

Tesco Tents There’s up to 50% off tents at Tesco for tents and outdoor equipment in preparation for the bank holiday weekend.

We’re pretty fond of camping, if for no reason other than the ability to stretch our holiday money a lot further than staying in a hotel we hardly see anyway.  We camped right up till late in my 7th month of pregnancy, and when our daughter was 8 months old, we took to the road again for 8 weeks – although we did balance the costs out with a few hotel stays towards the end.

I’m really looking forward to this summer and unpacking the gear again, and setting off for the most deserted spots we can find – which admittedly are going to be even fewer and further apart this year, since it seems no one has much money for luxury holidays – or at least, no one we know.

So, if you’re hoping to join the masses in a cheaper family holiday, Tesco comes to the rescue with this 6 Person Vis a Vis Tent for just £75, down from £150.  Or if there’s more of you, you could try the 12 sleeper Teepee Tent which with 20% off is down to £143.20. That’s less than 12 of you will pay in a hotel for one night.  For something a little more intimate, there’s the 2-person dome tent, a 1/3rd off at £20.

Happy camping!

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