Collect Your Sun Holiday Codes Here For 2017

5 April 2017
Sun 2017 Holiday Codes

In this article, you'll find all the Sun Holiday codes for 2017, so bookmark it now!

The Sun newspaper £15 Holiday offer is here! Tokens are printed in the paper daily from 1st April 2017. You need a total of 8 codes so we will be listing the first 8 that are printed only. Booking opens on Friday 7th April for previous bookers, and on Saturday 8th April for everyone else.


These holidays are great for families, and loads of the parks have so many activities for the kids that they will never be bored! They provide amazing value for money, and there are plenty of dates for this autumn and next spring available.



Saturday 1st April: PASS

Sunday 2nd April: FAIR

Monday 3rd April: BELT

Tuesday 4th April: MILD

Wednesday 5th April: TINY

Thursday 6th April: READ

Friday 7th April: T3K9

Saturday 8th April: BEAM


Monday-Friday (4 night breaks)
May 29
June 5, 12, 19, 26
July 3, 10, 17
August 28
September 4

Friday-Monday (3 night breaks)
May 26
June 2, 9, 16, 23, 30
July 7, 14, 21
August 25
September 1


Monday-Friday (4 night breaks)
April 24
May 1, 8, 15, 22

Friday-Monday (3 night breaks)
April 21, 28
May 5, 12, 19

The previous bookers' site for the offer opens on Friday 7th April 2017. People who have booked in previous years will have been emailed a priority booking code and you will need that to access early booking when it opens.

The main booking site for the offer will open on Saturday 8th April 2017.

You can find lots of information about the parks available, the terms and conditions and how to book on the Sun website here.

The FAQ section has lots of hints, tips and answers to common queries so it's really helpful if you have questions about how it all works.

We will be adding the Sun Codes to this blog daily, and updating information about booking. Demand will be huge so plan your dates and parks in advance of the booking going live. Happy holidays!

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  • Tara M.

    Can someone explain how this works? Do you get to choose dates or do they send you dates they got? Can you use this in the half term? Thanks

    • Tiffany E.

      If I remember rightly from last year you chose 3 dates your available and they then tell you which dates are free on the site you've chosen you then confirm your booking but beware after added extras my £9.50 holiday was £120 last year this included adding site passes, bedding etc (all extras that you would need)

    • Tara M.

      Thank you. Just looking at how it work via the link. Cheaper than most holidays still lol

    • Michelle B.

      Dont think school hoildays are included but i could be wrong...xx

    • Michelle B.

      When they did it last year all the school holiday werent in the dates available. Only downfall when you have kids at school....xx

    • Tara M.

      Yeah i know. My older 2 are in 2 different schools so more of a pain.

    • Fay P.

      Some school hols are included like half terms. Summer dates aren't really, only a couple in August which will come out later on in the year. You have to choose 4 dates and parks, not 3.

  • Kerry S.

    I am on this shizzle :thumbsup:thank you x

  • Sandra F.

    You need code that's emailed to you to get priority booking.

  • Angela S.

    I got my bonus token the other day. I'm going to get all the codes online so I don't have to buy the S*n. :grin:

  • Ann-Marie L.

    It never works out £9.50 there is always add ons :thinking:

  • Kathryn D.

    I know that but looking at the codes & seeing where they are gives me ideas as to where there r cheaper options to holiday. I am merely looking at all possibilities & at no point did I say I would commit to anything at any given point. Plus at the end of the day I am surely entitled to do as I choose

  • Rachel S.

    Does anyone know how much it costs to upgrade to a better caravan?x

  • Colette Y.

    No but if I buy today's I get the brochure and can see all of the parks easier. I have my previous bookers code so I can apply early too but obviously skint this month with his birthday xx

  • Rebecca M.

    Saved the link I will keep collecting!!

  • Fiona C.

    Sitting planning it earlier & trying to cost it out.x

  • Jayne W.

    Cant you put deposit on? Xx

  • Ruby B.

    No actually I think it's £60 can't remember lol depends which dates you go x

  • Kate A.

    Thank you so much for posting this - the offer is so good and now I don't have to buy that hideous hate filled rag! X

  • Kerrie H.

    I'm on it already hun like a cat on kipper!!!!

  • Nikki P.

    I booked something similar last year for October half term and we had a ball. 4 night caravan stay for 5 people was £80! Bloody bargain!

  • Sarah M.

    Does anyone know if you can book two families at the same time on the same booking form or if we are likely to get the same holiday if we put in the same details?

    • Krystell M.

      We put the bookings in same envelope x

    • Lisa-marie P.

      You should as long as there is availability, but You have to have one full booking per caravan, and they try their best to get you if not next to each other close to each other but you have to make sure they know x

  • Chris K.

    Yeah I got the booklet about it in the sun today

  • Cara R.

    I'm collecting the codes x

  • Laura S.

    Already picked out the parks I'm gonna try and get :grin:

  • Jessica S.

    Thanks hun...started collecting mine today :)

  • Anne R.

    But worth checking the park direct too. X

  • Theresa S.

    fantastic this is our fourth year doin this xwe love and decent holidays aswel x

  • Jessica S.

    I would hun...i've had lovely holidays in places hun :) xx

  • Kerry B.

    Does anyone have the sun code for today please? Forgot to purchase x

  • Sarah S.

    Does anyone know if the holidays are for touring caravans or for statics on-site?

  • Amelia D.

    So we don't need to buy the paper every day? Brilliant! xx

  • Gemma B.

    Still need to wait till all the codes r out though, I want them all now lol! X

  • Cherie H.

    Can't wait to book,I also went to the shop for a paper and forgot it :see_no_evil: x

  • Joanne W.

    this is what I was talking about xx

  • Jennie B.

    Thank you, I've seen it but can't even afford a sun hol at the mo :cry:. At least we've got March to look forward to xxx :hugging:

  • Victoria P.

    Yes I was planning to have a look :eyes:

  • Tracy P.

    Does anyone know what time the newspaper comes out on Sunday please?

  • Shauna P.

    Oh dear after me buying the Sun all week never mind x

  • Leanne F.

    My mum has few times. We're thinking about going x

  • Sarah Y.

    If going during term time, also compare the price directly with the park. Sun holidays add on other charges to booking. Great savings to be had especially in school hols :)

  • Kayleigh B.

    Not sure if it's just me but I have entered the codes correctly (have checked my spelling incase predictive text changed the words) but it isn't working? Anyone else got this problem??

  • ericadavies1982

    cant wait for next month promotion, so i can help my members in my group to get their next bargain holidays, sadly i wont be booking this time, or for rest of the year, but next year in jan i will. but then again see what september/october promotions brings for 2018

  • Clare P.

    Used the £9.50 holidays earlier this bill by the end was £130 for a 4 day self catering caravan.

  • Donna M.

    they starting again soon x

    • Fiona S.

      I got my letter yesterday xx

  • James R.

    Already bookmarked it :wink: xxx

  • Becca W.

    Don't book "Lyons" caravan park in wales, we did last year and the caravan wasn't fit for a dog let alone a family, the wallpaper was peeling off it had dirty sheets no tv sofa was covered in stains, we upgraded to another caravan that wasn't much better. Haven sites I imagine to be better though.

  • Kerry J.

    Had a letter today about it :thumbsup_tone1:

  • Stephanie M.

    Should be able to do end of June x

  • Hayley A.

    I will have a look see what dates are free and of June at work x

  • Sharon L.

    Go for it love my sun caravan deals x

  • Sarah C.

    Yeh looks good, will follow it now.... needing a wee break with my favs xx

  • Rebecca G.

    Whoop whoop. Where we going? X

  • Talisa H.

    Ahh yes it's back :smile: xxx

  • Rachael S.

    I saw there was some with summer holiday dates.

  • Rachael S.

    From what I remember you pick your dates you can do from first preference to forth I think and then you get your chosen date back

  • Nessajaneb

    I really only want to go the May half term and ideally to one site that I want.. Can I tinker about online until I get the date and park I want? Then proceed to pay?? Don't want to pay then find I get given another date and park? 

    • Lisa Hayes EDITOR

      Yes you can, that's how I do it. You still need to put in four different parks and dates online, but you can adjust them until you get the one you want and then choose it and pay. 

  • Sara P.

    Ive been on a few sun holidays now on the haven parks and to be honest you are only saving around £20/30. But you pay most of it upfront via the sun where as you can pay in installments through haven. Plus the sun have a no changes or refunds policy etc yet haven are more flexible and have far better customer service. Sometimes booking direct for the extra cost is so much easier. Ive learned that over the past 3 years x

  • ericadavies1982

    READ is todays

  • ericadavies1982

    Bonus - SWAN
    Sat 13th may - POLO

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