Slushy In Seconds £3 @ The Works

Slushy Maker I'm sure you've seen other branded slushy makers, and we already have a couple of them - the kids love them - but I found this one at The Works and it's just £3, which is a huge price difference on the 'branded' ones. I find it useful to have one per child, and if you spend £10, you get free delivery and save 20% with the code SAVE20.  If you have the freezer space, it's great to just keep them in the freezer so they're good to slush at the drop of a hat.

Admittedly there may be a reason that these are so much cheaper than the better known brands, but in truth, kids don't really mind too much, do they?!

Slushy makers don't require ice or a blender. All you have to do is pour your favourite drink, add the magic freezer cubes provided, shake and enjoy.

You can make slush from soft drinks, energy drinks, chocolate milk and so much more. Yum yum!

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  • jemimah

    please can you tell me how this product works for you as all it does when I use it is make the drink cold.

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