Skoot Kids Ride On Suitcase £45 @ Tesco Direct

Skoot Kids Ride On Suitcase £45 @ Tesco Direct

We're taking my daughter for her first holiday abroad next month and so I have been on the look out for a fun suitcase for her to take with her. I love the idea of the scooter suitcases you can buy but was worried she might be a bit of a menace on it around a busy airport.

I spotted this Skoot Kids Ride On Suitcase and fell in love!

It is a little pricey at £45 from Tesco Direct but oh my it looks so worth it! This fab ride on suitcase is in the style of a mini vespa style scooter! It looks so much fun!

It is a ride on suitcase with plenty of storage that can also be steered around as a scooter too. There's also a robust tow strap that parents can use to pull their little ones along. The Skoot ride on fits perfectly into an aeroplane's overhead locker and is classed as hand luggage.

I cannot wait to order one for my little girl, her face will be a picture when she see's it!

You can Click and Collect your Skoot Ride On Suitcase for FREE from your local Tesco store or pay £3 to have it delivered to your front door.


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  • Lynda S.

    ..:joy:you want oioiooioiii:sunglasses:

    • Charmaine M.

      I want that for myself :joy: x

      • Zoe B.

        That's pretty cool x x he's getting a grufflo trunkie tho for his birthday x

        • Nick F.

          We would have to get 3 to stop them arguing haha

          • Angelina B.

            Tony's already got a scoot :speak_no_evil: x