Sat Nav View Quest £49.95 @ Zavvi

1 November 2010

satNav I'm on the prowl for a Sat Nav solution; this View Quest Sat Nav is just one that I've come across which looks like a good deal.

Once upon a time I didn't think much of Sat Navs. What was wrong with a map and some handwritten instructions sellotaped to the dashboard?

Then a couple of years ago I got Sat Nav bundled with my Blackberry and it was a revelation! I was in LOVE - this was like the difference between doing the weekly laundry by hand versus the machine, tumble drier and getting the kids to fold it all up for you!

Then I switched from Blackberry to iPhone and have been Sat Navless ever since.

I can't make up my mind between stand alone systems, like this Sat NavView Quest, or a Sat Nav app for my phone. Tricky.

Anyway, this Sat Nav View Quest should be £69.99 but is on spesh for £49.95, and has free delivery too if you live within the UK.

It's super slim at 12mm too, the display is widescreen and it has a TON of features that are far too many to go into here.

If you're in the market for a Sat Nav system, then you could do worse than taking a look at this one.

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